Packaging design is a very broad term that affects the company significantly; from shapes and materials to graphic styles and shipping requirements.

The fundamental feature of the packaging is to protect the product against external factors during the delivery of the product to consumers. Recently, however, packaging has grown into a marketing aspect.

The packaging is regarded as a silent dealer that reaches consumers directly.

The design of plastic packaging is one of the most significant product marketing factors. Consumers evaluate a product and decide to buy it accordingly.

Packing design performs functions such as selling and communication in addition to its protective role.

Moreover, plastic packaging designs are getting a lot of popularity, and both the cost and competition is really high in the market.

To create an attractive and effective plastic packaging design, a brand has to pay for different levels that complete your packaging cost.

This is one of the most difficult questions to answer because there are a lot of variables that impact your packaging design price.

ነገር ግን እዚህ እኛ እርስዎ መክፈል ምን እና የት ለማወቅ የሚረዳ የፕላስቲክ ማሸጊያዎች ዲዛይን ወጪ የተለያዩ ደረጃዎች ለመወያየት እየሞከርክ ነው?

$ 0.05
READ   እንዴት አነስተኛ ንግድ ለ የፕላስቲክ ማሸግ ይምረጡ ነው?

Level 1: Cost for Thinking about the Design

In the first level, the designers considered some important aspects that make your plastic packaging design outstanding. These aspects include:

  • What is the purpose of a brand?
  • What type of visual equities should a packaging design need to build or retain?
  • What type of language is needed to use on the packaging design?
  • How to create an appealing design?
  • What benefits can be defined in the packaging design?
  • If it is a new product in the market, then what should need to use to make it different from competitors?

እነዚህ ሸማቾች ላይ ጥሩ የማየት ተጽዕኖ መፍጠር የሚችሉ አንዳንድ ጠቃሚ ነገሮች ናቸው. የፕላስቲክ ማሸጊያዎች ዲዛይን በዚህ ደረጃ ወጪ: $ 5000 ወደ $ 10000 ነው የሚመርጡት መሆኑን ንድፍ ኩባንያ ላይ ይወሰናል.

ደረጃ 2: የፈጠራ ንድፍ ለ ዋጋ

ይህ ጥቅል ንድፍ የፈጠራ ንድፍ በውስጡ አስማት እንደሚሰራ የት ደረጃ ነው. የሚከተሉትን ነገሮች ያካትታል የእርስዎ የፕላስቲክ ፓ ማሸጊያ የሚሆን የፈጠራ ዲዛይን ማሰስ:

  • ይህም በገበያው ውስጥ መቆም አንድ የምርት ይረዳሃል
  • ማንኛውም ሌላ ተፎካካሪ ሆነው አንድ የምርት የተለየ ማድረግ የሚችል ማራኪ ንድፍ ለመፍጠር እርዷቸው
  • መገብየት ክልል ወይም ምርት በጣም ቀላል አድርግ
  • የምርት ስለ ልዩ እንዲያዝ በማድረግ የተገልጋዩን ስሜታዊ ይግባኝ ፍጠር

ሆኖም ግን, ይህ ደረጃ ውጤት ከፊት ለፊት ጥቅል ንድፍ ጠፍቷል የተፈረመ ነው. ይህን ደረጃ መክፈል የሚችሉ ክሶች $ 10000 ወደ $ 20000 ናቸው.

በመዳፎቹ ቴክ ማሸጊያ ሳጥኖች

Level 3: Cost for the Implementation of your Packaging Design

Here the designers take their design for the implementation in a printing form. It will help the brand to see what actually design is. This level will include the following tasks:

  • Commission any needed illustration or photography
  • Consider all faces of your packaging to optimize the design
  • Need to create the artwork that is ready for printing
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In this level, the cost of your packing design will depend on the number of the stock-keeping units. That can be:

The cost for 1 SKU can be around $1000, and for 15 SKUs the designing cost can be around $12500

Designers Who Used Designcrowd or 99desing Platform

Some designers use DesignCrowd or 99desing platform to design some plastic packaging.

It is no doubt that both are a great platform to design a unique and perfect packaging design, but they are not ideal for all type of branding plastic packaging design.

However, these types of design concepts can also be purchased easily from $300 to $400; they can also be upward to around $1000.

የኮስሜቲክ ምርት ለ # 1 ግልጽ ሣጥን (PVC + ጴጥ)
#1 transparent Box for Cosmetic Product (PVC + PET)

Designing Agencies Cost

If you want to hire a designing agency to design your packaging, then you may have to pay some extra cost.

These agencies are experienced to deliver high-quality design for your plastic packaging.

They know how to represent your brand in a unique way. But they work with a large budget that can be really an expensive option for you.

Some agencies get a price at an hourly basis and some charged in 2 to 3 installments. The hourly cost is $74 to $350 that will depend on your designing needs. Some companies charged extra cost for the revision process.

Freelancers Designing Cost

There are different popular platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr, where you can get a graphic designer who can create an effective and unique plastic packaging design for your brand.

For freelancer designer, you have to pay for a complete project or at an hourly basis. The hourly rates are different at different platforms, but the approximate rate is $5 to $45, and the experienced designer may charge a bit higher rate.

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As we can see, packaging design is one of the major choices to make and an indispensable component of your product. It’s not only packaging that your company depends on, of course.

Dozens, if not hundreds of variables affect your efficiency and development.

The price is one of the key variables! For the various packaging designs of the same product, companies bear different costs and determine a different price per product.

Consumers acknowledge paying more cash based on the impact of packaging design on customers.

The proper and efficient use of packaging will increase the repercussions on sales. Price is one of the most efficient buying decision problems.

Price is used by companies to create a product picture as a tool. However, finding the correct package is always a challenge for many businesses, but it is just as good to seek the most cost-effective choice & quality service.

This must be remembered that these prices are not fixed but estimated.

The different plastic packaging design companies will offer you different prices, but they will be near to the ones that I have mentioned in this article.

It is very important to understand that buying a single unit will cost you more than buying materials in bulk or wholesale.

With these estimates prices and the tooling prices, you can choose which plastic packaging design you want.


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