ALPPM (Asian leading product packaging manufacturer), located in Shanghai, China. We have our own factory, Germany imported Heidelberg six-color UV printing machinery and have passed ISO9001:2005 as well as many inspection reports and inspection certificates.

ALPPM has satisfied clients all over the world. It is a legal company which fulfills all the respective conditions and incentives that makes it an insured business. The company is running successfully to give its clients excellent paper packaged goods and services.

Advantages of paper packaging

Paper packaging has been used extensively in recent years. This is because the advantages of paper packaging are endless. It is a fine process which is quick in its tasks, able to produce good quality neat packaging.

embalatges de paper és un procés manejable que és respectuós del medi ambient. És molt bo per donar cabuda, aliments, begudes i altres productes mitjançant l'addició de valor per al client i l'atractiu. Ells ajuden a fer que el producte sigui més atractiu estèticament mitjançant l'addició de valor també.

embalatges de paper pot no ser molt comú entre l'emmagatzematge d'aliments, ja que s'emmagatzemen en la seva majoria en embolcalls de plàstic hermètics. No obstant això, ells estan guanyant cada vegada més popularitat a causa del fet que els envasos de paper és ecològic.

Independentment del fet que la trobada súper competència entre altres opcions d'embalatge, envasos de paper està sent afavorit a causa dels seus nombrosos avantatges. Aquestes són algunes de les principals avantatges dels envasos de paper.

publicitat gratis

One thing we cannot ignore is the fact that paper advertising is super quick and easy. Several companies prefer to advertise on paper since it costs less and the printing does not take a lot of time.

In fact, paper advertising especially paper bags are increasingly becoming a status symbol.embalatges de paper

Paper bags are found to be more attractive. Companies are more inclined to using paper bags as customer prefer paper bags more. As a result, free endorsement and advertising are achieved by businesses.


Paper packaging is eco-friendly since paper is recyclable. It also benefits a lot of users as they can be easily managed and taken care of.

The things about the paper are that it is recyclable and biodegradable.

At a time when we are already worrying about global warming, the paper gives us a chance to lessen the use of materials that are eating up our non-renewable resources.

Paper bags are made with the aid of renewable resources. They can be used repeatedly and can be shipped to recycling plants where they are made again.

Professional appeal

Paper packaging automatically adds the professional touch to a certain something.

When you buy tea, coffee, nuts, spices or snacks in a good quality paper bag, the paper bag will have a professional appeal to them.

Moreover, customers are more attracted to a paper bag which can be great for the marketing strategy of a company.

Les empreses tenen la llibertat per personalitzar per a la promoció de la seva empresa només la forma en què els agrada. També es veuen molt bé el que li dóna l'estètica juntament amb l'atractiu professional que necessita.

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El molt millor dels envasos de paper és que són flexibles.

Poden suportar qualsevol tipus d'impressió. A més, els envasos de paper es pot utilitzar per a una àmplia gamma d'aliments, així com begudes.

El paper pot estar conformat, enganxat i fixat com per l'elecció. El paper no és molt rígid, el que fa que sigui versàtil i fàcil de treballar.

El desavantatge d'Embalatge de paper

Sí, els envasos de paper té nombrosos avantatges, però hi ha diverses àrees en què els envasos de paper podria no ser l'opció més assenyada per a nosaltres.

Aquestes són algunes de les desavantatges dels envasos de paper que ha de tenir en compte.


The worst thing about the paper packaging is that they tear easily. Paper packaged goods are more inclined to tearing. They cannot withstand a lot of weight.embalatges de paper

No handle supports

The paper packaging does not usually come with a handle support. This is why it is somewhat difficult for costumers to carry them.

Turns Wet

If you are carrying something warm, the food will get cold and the paper will also get soggy. It will become even more fragile and is more inclined to break.

Not easily recycled

Not all types of paper bags are recycled. Paper bags take their time to be treated so they can be used again.

Product Category

ALPPM (Asian leading product packaging manufacturer) is covering numerous categories. It is providing several packaging options. We have a wide range of options and categories for you to choose from.

Our Product Categories include

  1. Bags
  2. Boxes
  3. Caixes de plàstic transparents
  4. les borses
  5. Targetes de paper
  6. papereria
  7. sobres
  8. Bosses de cremallera

la indústria més utilitzat i del producte

El paper està sent utilitzat àmpliament en tot el món. A causa dels seus nombrosos beneficis, diverses indústries han adoptat el paper com a matèria primera per a la producció de diversos béns.

D'altra banda, un paper també es consumeix com una opció d'envasament.

Les bosses de paper

Les bosses de paper són àmpliament utilitzats en nombroses botigues de queviures.embalatges de paper

A més, nombroses botigues de roba, articles de papereria, etc. fan ús de bosses de paper, per diverses raons.

Les bosses de paper són adoptats per diverses empreses a causa del fet que el seu aspecte atractiu i són reciclables.

Plats de paper

La gent prefereix l'ús de plaques de paper, ja que poden ser eliminats fàcilment.

Especialment quan vostè és amfitrió d'una festa i no vols que rentar els plats després; plats de paper pot ser el seu heroi.

Paper plates are ideally used at home and also at several restaurants or food trucks. This is because they can be easily disposed of.

Paper custom boxes

Paper custom boxes are loved by people as they are super handy and do not even cost that much. These boxes look great when you want to give your guests candy on your daughter’s birthday.

Paper-based packaging

Paper-based packaging is also adopted by various companies for the retail of their goods. Paper-based containers are being widely used for storing products.

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Paper cups

Another widely used good that is used due to the fact that it is cheap and can be easily disposed of. Paper cups are always an easy option to cater to drinks at a party.embalatges de paper

They are easier to make, cheaper in price and the raw material is biodegradable which makes them a great option.

Toilet paper

El paper higiènic és també un producte de paper molt comú. Cada llar diari utilitza una àmplia quantitat de paper per a diversos fins.

No només això, mocadors de paper són una necessitat per als nombrosos restaurants i cafès, i no podem estar en desacord amb això.

Com dissenyar envasos de paper

El disseny dels envasos de paper no és una tasca difícil.

Amb l'ajuda d'alguns trucs i consells importants, pot crear fàcilment el seu propi disseny i començar a treballar amb l'embalatge de paper.

Aquests són els tres punts comuns que se li pot donar una via cap a un embalatge de paper amb èxit.

Pujar el seu disseny de primera

Aquest és el primer pas que es prengui per al disseny dels envasos de paper.

Vostè ha de decidir el que va a anar en el paper. El logotip, qualsevol text, imatge o qualsevol tipus de contingut que voleu anar al seu producte envasat.

Podeu cercar un bon programa com Photoshop o Illustrator.

This software is great in helping you create your own content.

Try different designs with variation in color options and orientation to help you come up with the best possible content that will go on your packaged design.

The software can give you an idea concerning all that you want in your final product. This will leave no surprises. You can also use the softcopy to explain your design to the manufacturing printing company.

This way the paper packaging company will be well aware of what you are asking them. They will also be able to highlight any changes or improvisation that is probably in the design.

Make 3D design

Before you get your design, box made, you should test it so that you can identify any errors. Having a 3D design will help you know how the box will look in reality.

Don’t just forward the design to manufacturing. If your respective logo does not appear very good, you might lose a lot of money and time.

This is why it is great if you have a 3D design made. You can take help of some software such as 3D Max or Solid Works.

embalatges de paper
embalatges de paper

Make the template

Before your design goes for manufacturing, or you have to show it to your client, make a template first. The template will help you know about the dimensions of your package first.

Get your design template approved from the printer and the client before you forward it to manufacturing.

How ALPPM can help you with paper packaging

ALPPM té diversos anys d'experiència que el converteixen en una opció ideal per a vostè. Si vostè està buscant la millor companyia d'embalatges de paper que podria ajudar a portar a terme tots els processos que intervenen en respectius envasos de paper des del disseny inicial de comandes a l'engròs, ALPPM aquí per a vostè.

El nostre personal capacitat està bé versat en diverses àrees, assegurant-se que no hi ha cap error en la seva ordre final.

Donem la benvinguda a totes les comandes dels seus que necessita en grans quantitats. La nostra fàbrica està equipada amb nombroses màquines que són capaços de produir en massa el seu disseny.

Hi haurà sense comprometre la qualitat. Vostè ordena serà lliurat a vostè en el temps. El nostre equip està capacitat per atendre les seves necessitats i proporcionar assistència en tots els camins possibles.

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Moreover, we also welcome custom orders where you can tell us all the respective designs or layouts that you want us to have on your final paper packaged product.

In case you need paper packaging for advertisement or storing any goods, we have got it all. We cover all the respective packaging options.

embalatges de paper
embalatges de paper

Furthermore, custom orders are also entertained by our competent team. You can share with our team what you are wanting and we will cater to that. If you need our help, we will help with the improvising as well so that your final product comes out as good as you want.

Why ALPPM is the Best Choice For You

ALPPM is the best choice for you! We hire the best staff that will cater to your needs at all costs. Our staff and machinery are well-equipped with all the latest trends to give you the finest work and make sure you get the good-quality product within the deadlines planned.

Our company bears no compromise on quality. We use the best quality material along with the ideal machinery and printing processes. We revise the orders and take thorough insights before forwarding the order to the production line. This makes sure the printing is carried out in the most effective manner with zero errors.

Moreover, ALPPM provides first-class products. We have a wide list of satisfied clients that prove our excellent work and effort that is depicted in our paper packaged goods and services

We have a wonderful team which values the time and money that you hand over to us. Our services are unmatched. We ensure great quality work and provide guarantee concerning the durability of our goods.

Our customer base is globally diverse. Our work experience and the satisfaction of our clients is able to highlight the fact that ALPPM is the ideal choice for your paper packaging good or service that you are looking for.

caixa d'embalatge de paper
caixa d'embalatge de paper

Our wide sales highlight our production capability. We deal with numerous countries and deliver all around the world. Our market is widespread around the globe.

ALPPM té la millor capacitat de producció a causa del fet que les nostres fàbriques posseeixen maquinària avançada. Les nostres últimes màquines inclouen cola carpeta automàtica, màquines d'impressió de premsa i màquines de encunyat. Totes les nostres màquines s'importen i són utilitzats per un personal altament capacitat que estan ben versats en tot el que tracten.




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Chat with us
Tell us about your packaging boxes' size, material & quantity, and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
Tell us about your packaging boxes' size, material & quantity, and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
Tell us about your packaging boxes' size, material & quantity, and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
Tell us about your packaging boxes' size, material & quantity, and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
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