What is the cost of plastic packaging? It is one of the most complicated questions that most of the people don’t know.

Even the people who are professionals in this field feel hesitation in giving the proper answer.

It is because the price of plastic packaging depends on several things, such as plastic material.

Some type of plastic packaging is more expensive as compared to the other one.

Also, the cost will depend on labor, staff member, testing, prototypes, shipping, and other aspects that play an important role in the manufacturing of plastic packaging.

Unit cost and production, the sales poles, as well as the brokers, are also important variables that affect the cost of plastic packaging.

Hala ere, ez da lan erraza ontziak plastikozko prezio osoa eta eskubidea kontatzeko, baina artikulu honetan, zein da zure bilgarri kostu errelea on ezinbestekoa gauza batzuk eztabaidatzeko goaz.


Important Things that Affect Packaging Cost

Some important factors impact the cost of plastic packaging.

Here we are going to discuss these factors to understand the plastic packaging cost.

Size of Packaging

The size matters a lot that can increase or decrease the cost of plastic packaging.

Usually, the products with a smaller size can be packed even more economically because they need less plastic and can be easily printed into a smaller press.

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The less material and smaller press means low cost of plastic packaging.

On the other hand, the packagings of large products are more expensive because they need more plastic as well as printing during manufacturing purposes.

So if the cost matters for you then you should need to consider the size.


The Quantity

This is the second main factor that impacts the cost of plastic packaging.

The quantity will depend on your need that how many you’re required to complete your product packaging.

If you place a large order, then you may get some discount.

Some companies need only 100 of the packaging, which is sometimes not enough to produce at the costs that you can resale.

This quantity is mostly used where you need to test or do the remarketing of your product.

So the most significant quantity is the best way to reduce the cost of your plastic packaging that will also help you to produce the costs while reselling them.


Printing design and style of Packaging

Another important thing that will affect the cost of plastic packaging is printing, designing, and the style that you will choose for your product.

There are different types of printings used, such as minimal printing, graphical printing and other as well.

If you want high-quality printing and design, then the cost of plastic packaging will be expensive because they need to print in a professional printing press.

Similarly, the packaging style will also affect the cost of your plastic packaging.

More stylish packaging requires more effort that will be time is taken and expensive.

Pet Food plastikozko ontziak kutxak

Plastic Pallets and Additives

Different types of plastic material are used for the various types of plastic packaging.

It is important to get some basic knowledge about how they are made.

To know how plastic material affects your packaging price.

Most of the plastic packaging is produced by using plastic resin pellets.

The type of your plastic packaging will depend on the type of pallets as well as the additives that you will choose for the manufacturing.

Some pallets used the premixed additives for the production of plastic packaging, where the other manufacturer meltdown the pallets and add the right additives during the process of production.

Different additives are used to get different results.

There are some most popular additives used for plastic packaging such as:

  •    Colorants
  •    Plasticizers
  •    Anti-Statics
  •    Foaming Agents
  •    Flame Retardants

These additives are added into the plastic to make desires plastic packaging.


Invest in the Testing

There are lots of environmental conditions that impact the cost of your plastic packaging.

You may have to deliver your product from one location to another location via shipping vessels, trucks, by air or rail as well.

So, if you want to avoid spending the extra cost on your plastic packaging, then it will be better for you to go with the testing first.

Invest and order a sample amount of samples firs that will help you to know more about the packaging.

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If you order a large quantity that will not be suitable to complete your packaging requirements, then you may waste your money.

Your plastic packaging will contain several factors that will protect the product inside it.


  •    Both the static as well as the dynamic weight of the load
  •    The motion or movement of different types of transportation
  •    The temperature of the place where you want this packaging

Necessary or Unnecessary Costs

There are two types of costs that you have to bear to get your plastic packaging that is a necessary or unnecessary cost.

So, you have to strictly break down your needs in two main parts the original cost will for the performance of packaging and the other one be aesthetic only.

For the cost analysis, you must need to be honest with yourself.

There are some important questions that you can ask from yourself before making a selection.


  •    Does your plastic packaging need either inner or outer coatings?
  •    The information that wants to print on your packaging is essential or not?
  •    Can you go with black and white printing instead of full-color printing that may increase your plastic packaging cost?
  •    Do you need to add some images, or is it okay to give a clear window?

Cost and Quantity of Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging contains different costs that you have to pay according to the demanded quantity.

Here we are going to tell you the approximate cost of some plastic packaging as per their quantity.

The Woven poly and Stand up Plastic Pouches

These are one of the most popular types of plastic packaging around the world.

These types of packaging are mostly used for food products.

However, the cost of these bags will depend on their units.

5000 to 25000 units are commonly used, and the price can vary between $0.25 to the $0.75.

Jarriko zure eskaera bada unitate kopuru handi baten ondoren, deskontua lortu ahal izango dituzu, adibidez, 25000 unitateak $ 0.2 eta 5000 unitate dezakezu $ 0.75 izan daiteke.

Paws Tech bilgarri kutxak


Woven poly kostua eta Surf Plastic Pouches


$ 250 ordaindu $ 500 to 1-10 unitate, hau tolling prezio $ 0 izango da dezakezu.

Run Short

Epe laburrean egiteko, $ 0,75 ordaindu $ 1.00 to 5000 unitate behar izatea, tresneria $ 500- $ 1500 kostua gehituko dira.

Medium Run

$ 0.25 kostua $ 0.50 to dezakeena It 25000-100000 unitateak da.

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$ 500 1500 tresneria kostua izango da sartu gehituko dira.

Run Handiak

Handi korrika $ 0.50 kostua $ 0.25 100000 plus unitateak eta tresneria kostua for to sartuko dira $ 800 to $ 1800 izango da.

Blister Packaging diseinuak

blister Ontzian du thermoform plastikozko material hori plastikozko ontziak kutxak fabrikazioan erabilitako dira.

For this material, you may have to pay $2 to $3 for 1000, which is really expensive.

To get the discount on this price, you may have to invest for almost 5000 units.

The main reason behind the cost of blister packaging is that the product owners need to keep their product inside the box before sealing it.

Only the packaging manufacturing company can complete this task because they have the machinery to seal your packaging properly.

Blister Packaging kostua


$ 4 ordaindu $ 5 1-10 unitateen bakoitzean, ordena honetan tolling $ 500 prezioa sartuko for izatea.

Run Short

Epe laburrean egiteko, $ 0,08 ordaindu ahal izango duzu $ 0.11 to 5000-100000 unitateak egiteko; tresneria $ 4000- $ 5000 kostua gehituko dira.

Medium edo handia Run

kostua gehitu ahal izango da $ 0,4 $ 0.06 to 100000-500000 unitateak da.

$ 4000 5000 tresneria kostua izango da sartu gehituko dira.

biltzeko sortu

After reading the entire story, you will know that how can you know about the right cost of plastikozko ontziak.

It is not possible to give any right or proper cost that you may have to provide for plastic packaging.

There are lots of manufacturers in the market who have different prices according to your packaging quantities, size as well as the material.

So, it is essential first to evaluate your needs to cut down the extra cost that you may have to pay.


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Tell us about your packaging boxes' size, material & quantity, and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
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Tell us about your packaging boxes' size, material & quantity, and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
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