PVC, PET, and PP? The age-old question for any industry is figuring out what plastic packaging to use. Each material all has its own unique benefits.

Certain products require particular plastic packaging, so choosing the right type of plastic to use is important.

We hope to give you some more insight as to what argi plastikozko kutxak is right for your product.

What is PVC?

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a widely used plastic that contains carbon, hydrogen, and chloride.

This type of plastic can be found everywhere in our everyday lives.

You can find it in some objects like medical devices, credit cards, pipes for water and gas, and children’s toys. It safe for food and water, in fact, PVC is what most plastic cutting boards are made out of.

What is PET?

PET is scientifically known as polyethylene terephthalate.

It is a plastic resin and a form of polyester.

This plastic is commonly used to make fibers for clothing and containers for food and liquid.

Additionally, it is used in thermoforming for manufacturing.

What is PP?

PP is a thermoplastic polymer used in a variety of applications. Its scientific name is polypropene. You can find this plastic being used to package things like yogurt, medicine, drinks, and condiments.

What plastic is best [Infographic]?

Each of these plastics has its own level of flexibility and density, so they are all pretty useful. The plastic that should be used depends on what the product is. Different plastics are used by different industries.

[Infografia] PVC vs. PET vs. PP

To ensure you are choosing the right type of plastic, consider what you are using it for.

Sometimes, you will need certain aspects of plastic for your product to enhance.

Whether it be flexibility or durability, each plastic has its own unique strong point.

Cosmetic Industry

The cosmetic industry makes a wide variety of cosmetic packaging with plastic. It is convenient and seems to be great for hygienic purposes.

Many have switched to using environmentally safe plastic packaging.

The most common plastic used in this industry is PP. Other times, PET will be used with other acrylic ingredients.

PP plastic packaging is used in the cosmetic industry because it is very durable. It can withstand temperatures up to nearly 240° Fahrenheit.

So, plastic packaged hair products will not bend to heat from steam or direct contact.

After thermoforming, PP plastic packaging won’t change shape which makes it a good plastic for cosmetics.

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Elikadura Packaging

Packaging food safely is a big concern for most food distribution companies.

Businesses in the food industry want their products to be transported safely and without leaking.

You can’t get your food or drink to someone if it all comes out of the package before it is opened.

Products like soft drinks, water, ketchup, vitamins, vegetable oil, and peanut butter are all packaged with PET.

It is FDA approved for food contact and is completely recyclable.

A high-density version of PET is used for things like juice and milk.

These types of products require a lightweight, but strong plastic.

For example, a milk jug container only weighs about two ounces, yet it is completely capable of carrying an entire gallon of milk.


Health care programs use a lot of different types of plastic for their medical instruments and medicines.

Ordinary healthcare plastics used include PP and PET.

One particular product called sterilization wrap, also known as a blue wrap, is made of PP.

These wraps are a sterile material that protects surgical instruments and other items from being contaminated. PP is chosen for its ability to be hygienic and recycled.

Another product made with PP is an irrigation bottle. They are bottles that are frequently used in operating rooms. Again, they are made with PP because it is hygienic.

Secondary and tertiary packaging like shrink wrap, stretch film, and plastic bags are usually found in large quantities at health care programs.

Flexible clear packaging requires a plastic that can stretch and still be relatively durable. That is why polyethylene is used.


When industries are looking to make or package clothing, they want something that is affordable and will hold up.

Polyester is a long chain of repeating molecular units, which makes it great for making clothes with. PET is most commonly used to package or produce clothing products.

When PET is originally made, it is completely colorless.

However, colors can be added easily which makes it ideal for clothing packaging.

Having a bright and outstanding bag that reminds customers where they got their product from is important.

Era berean, super arin da hain erraz egiten da edo garraiatzen.


Litekeena baino gehiago, fabrikatzailea edozein motatako plastikozko erabiltzen eta / edo pakete gauzak ekoizteko. PVC aurkitzen bera oso resourceful fabrikazio zehar.

PET eta PP ere erabiltzen dira oso maiz gaur zure produktuak gogoko batzuk sortzeko.

Corrugated Plastikozko Packaging Elektronikoaren Box
Corrugated Plastikozko Packaging Elektronikoaren Box

Elektronika ematen dira sleek diseinu plastikozko laguntzarekin . Ez aipatzea, plastikozko halaber elektronika pieza garrantzitsua babesten du. Plastikoa nahiko iraunkorrak, baita arina da.

Inork ezin dutela eraman telebista bat nahi du, beraz, plastikozko edozein gailu elektronikoak moduko partidua handi bat da.


Kreditu eta zor-txartelak besterik ez dira buruz erabat plastikoz eginda. gaur helduentzat beharra bihurtu dute.

They are convenient, so almost everyone uses at least one card. Credit/debit cards use plastic because there has to be a lot of them made.

It goes without saying, a card needs to be light. Plastic meets all the requirements so it is fit for the job.

Card manufacturers save money by using plastic too. Since plastic is cheap and lightweight it is a perfect match. PVC is used in cards and is essential for it to work.

Many uses of PVC

Surprisingly, PVC can be used to create a safer world. It fosters creativity and innovation, which makes new possibilities every day.

PVC can preserve natural resources and things that flow through it remain uncontaminated. It also has proven itself as a great conductor of liquid.

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In fact, most plumbing today uses pipes made ofPVC. It has started an uprising and has begun taking over metal piping.

The way it was able to do this is due to one simple fact: plastic is so much cheaper. Plastic is light, so it takes less to make and is cheap to produce.

The Benefits of PET

Every type of plastic has its own strengths and weaknesses.

They offer a variety of uniqueness, but take a look at PET plastic has in store.  Anyone can get exactly the shape and size they need with PET plastic thermoforming.

It is more versatile and is durable enough to withstand outside elements of many kinds. PET is safer to store materials in.

For instance, food is something that PET is highly suitable to hold. It can hold a plentiful amount of items including electronics and retail.

Ez aipatzea, zehazki egin da UV izpiak jasateko. Horrek thermoformed bilgarri diseinuak aukera egokia.

PET food edukiontziak, edarien botilak, zuntz sintetikoa eta beste eguneroko bilgarri ekoizteko erabiltzen da.

PP abantailak

Polipropilenoa hori erabiltzen ari da gaur egun moda askotan termoplastiko bat da.

bertan PP erabiltzen da aplikazio barietate zabala ere, hona hemen batzuk modu PP dagoeneko munduko aldatu egin da.

Produktua eskari globalaren da gauzak beste plastiko ezin egin ahal izango delako.

Adibidez, PP engranajeen batzuk ordezka daiteke.

Era berean, plastikozko mota hau zure altzariak kontaktu puntu batean aurkitu dezakezu.

Gaur egungo fabrikazio, garrantzitsua da zerbait hori modu ugari egin ahal izango dira. Polipropilenoa egon injekzioa, thermoforming edo crimping bidez egin daiteke.

Hau prozesu hori bizi bandak egin ahal izango da.

bizi bisagra A plastikozko hori hautsi gabe okertu daiteke, nahiz eta 360 graduko osoa sorta osoko pieza oso mehea da.

botila baten gainean tapa eusten bezalako aplikazioetan erabilgarria dira.

zenbait eguneroko gauza pentsamendu no jarri sartu duzun da, oraindik doa txukun halako prozesu baten bitartez dena erosotasunaren mesedetan.

PVC, PET, eta PP garrantzia

PVC, PET, eta PP plastiko egin zure bizitza poz gutxi ahalik.

Ez balitz beraientzat bada, inoiz ez duzu zure eguneroko bizitzako ekintzak sinple bizi.

ontziak eta material lanean bezalako gauza txikia, zure bizitza gaur egun dena egin.

plastiko horiek erabilita edozein enpresa arrakasta industria laguntzeko.

You will save money using plastic because it is so easy to make. Many have already switched to using plastic for the simplicity of it. Plus, it is completely recyclable.

Eco-friendly Plastic

In order to appeal to environmentally safe conditions, most plastics today are biodegradable or recyclable. They can be reused or be safely given back to the earth. It is important for plastics today to be Eco-friendly.

So, new advances in our knowledge of plastic have allowed plastic manufacturers to make Eco-friendly plastic.

Biodegradable plastics can break down in the earth safely. Under the right conditions, the additives in the plastic attract microbes that do the hard work of breaking down the plastic.

This makes the process of decomposition quicker. Biodegradable plastic is great for items that you throw away after use like single-use food containers, packaging dunnage, and plastic utensils. Biodegradable plastics are crucial to start helping the landfills.

Recycling plastic is popular because it helps reduce waste. Using recyclable plastic allows us to save renewable resources for when we really need them.

When plastic is recycled it creates something called plastic resins, which is turned around to make more plastic.

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All sorts of household items like bottles and plates are being transformed in front of you through the power of recycling.

Saving resources have become a big deal, and plastic is helping the cause. In fact, recycling one ton of plastic saves about 16.3 barrels of oil.

Also, reusing one ton of plastic saves almost a ton of carbon dioxide. This reduces greenhouse gases. Preventing greenhouse gas emissions helps fight climate change.

When you use plastic, you prevent the need to extract, mine, and produce new sources. Preventing this stops harmful gases from entering the atmosphere. Furthermore, it stops the climate from artificially changing due to human existence.

Additionally, when compared to other plastics PVC, PET and PP are significantly better at being Eco-balanced. The recyclability is extraordinary.

Packaging waste is reduced and the volume of waste incineration decreases. Raw materials’ production and their consumption have greatly decreased.

Recycling plastic leads to sixty percent of energy savings compared to other resources.

Plastics are valuable and they should be recycled. Luckily, the material is easily recycled. Every citizen should learn how to recycle plastics and discover how it can change the world. Since we use and eventually throw out almost all plastic, it is smart to always recycle them.

Recycling is a great solution to landfill issues and packaging waste. People across the world are always on the lookout for new ways to make our planet a better place. Recycling and using biodegradable plastic is a way to help make that dream a reality.

What Plastic is Right for you?

The plastic you decide to use depends on the product you are making or providing packaging.

When you are creating a design to package your product you will find it to be easily achievable with PET and PVC plastic.

Meanwhile, PP plastics are great for the little things that make a lot of things possible. Each plastic has its own capabilities that widely vary. So, make sure the plastic you choose is right for you and your product.

There have been advances in technology and with it, we hold the fate of plastic in our hands. PVC, PET, and PP plastic can safely contain just about anything with their components combined.

You can change the world by using Eco-friendly PVC, PET, and PP plastic.

Plus, you will save money and resources. Plastic can change the world, but you need to be part of the solution.

How Can ALPPM Help You?

ALPPM(Asian Leading Plastic Product Manufacturer) provides plastic products for brands all across the world. ALPPM sells a wide variety of plastic.

If you are part of a retail company, then you will most likely need plastic packaging. ALPPM leads the industry in retail plastic packaging and makes revolutionary PVC/PET/PP plastic cosmetic product packaging products.

plastic packaging boxes factory

The clients who have already found all their retail plastic packaging needs with ALPPM is an outstanding list.

Clients include Adidas, Unilever, Sony, Thomas & Friends, Durex, Starbucks Coffee, Lock & Lock, L’oreal, Nivea, J!NS, M&G, and Bosideng.

The plastic packaging supplier, ALPPM, has a growing client base. They make materials, print, die cut, glue, and package all under the same roof. T

his makes it easy for ALPPM to provide plastic packaging products without any assistance.

iturria:  https://www.alppm.com/pvc-pet-pp


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Tell us about your packaging boxes' size, material & quantity, and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
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Tell us about your packaging boxes' size, material & quantity, and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
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