Plastic packaging plays an essential role in the marketing of the product.

By only touching the outer covering of any product, you can estimate the quality of the packaging box.

Let’s say packaging works as the protective layer that protects your product from the internal and external damages.

The preeminent and innovative lining of the product not only attract more customers but also provide the best user experience.

Packaging plays an important in increasing the sale value.

In today’s’ packaging industry, different creative designs of plastic packaging boxes are available in the market.

The use of plastic material in packaging purposes is increasing due to its high versatility and durability ratio.

A correct packaging will not only draw the attention of marketers towards your product but also send a clear message to your potent customers.

Many people consider packaging boxes as boring and dull, but it is not true.

You can show your creativity even with the simple plastic box.

With the broad grouping of packaging style, sometimes it becomes challenging to select the cost-effective, eye-catching and appropriate plastic packaging box.

There are various types and styles are present in packaging boxes categories that you can use to protect your product in any shape and size.

#2021 Cosmetic Product Packaging Trend of Design and Material

For considering a packaging box, there are multiple points that you should keep in your mind.

These points help you to get the perfect plastic packaging box for your product.

Let’s have a look at some crucial points that you should consider.

Points That Help You to Get the Perfect Design for Your Plastic Packaging Box

Consider Your Audience

Recognizing your audience is the first and most crucial point that you should keep in mind.

Designing a packaging box for adults is a bit different from designing the plastic packaging box for kids.

Remember, the packaging of the product is the most important thing that increases the sale rate in the market.

A plastic packaging box is the exterior structure of your product that attracts the customers more.

If you are launching the products for kids, then it can have some visual cartoon characters.

Something interested that tricks the curiosity button in the mind of little munchkins.

Be conscious while using the base tone, coloring effect, dimensions, and visual effects because these points help you to get the most out of your product.

Designing a packaging box is a practicing tool; it is an activity that also provides sensual experiences.

With little engaging of touching, smelling, sound or taste, these are the details that encourage the customer to buy your product.


Consider Your Platform and Packaging Style

Where are you selling your product? Are you sending it on any online website? Are you an owner store? Is your main spot is the supermarket?

Consider Your Platform and Packaging Style

In the case of online stores and websites, the packaging of the product needs some more details and in different ways as compared to general stores.

What are you selling? Is it any edible items or something of regular use? Are you selling any household item or any toys? Every product has different dimensions and details; that’s why every product needs different packaging styles.

Some can fit easily into small plastic boxes while some need more roams for protection.

Packaging boxes plays the role of a protective shield for your products.

Considering the best packaging material is such a difficult task if you are selling luxurious and expensive products.

The packaging boxes for online products have not extra space inside there.

This is the plus point that doesn’t allow the product to rattle inside the packaging box during shipping.


Consider its layers

Before designing any plastic packaging box, it is necessary to work on its layers.

Every packaging has three layers that protect your product from both sides.

The inner layer of the product is the best part that can bear all the pressure and absorb all the shocks of transportation and shipping.

Tissue papers and foaming sheets are the most common materials that keep the edible items safe from jolted and protect heavy and expensive products from getting scratches.

There are no boundaries for considering the best material for your packaging.

Sometimes, there is a plastic seal bag inside a paper box that preserves the freshness of food.

Outer coving of the product is the first thing that your customers are going to touch.

This is the element that increases the protection of inner protects.

Make sure; you have considered a best durable and high-pressure bearing material.

Plastic material can hold products more powerfully and prevent the inner product from scratching and wear & tear.


Consider it as an investment

Packaging of the product is an investment.

It is the payback for your product.

A valuable outer covering of the product attract the attention of more customers and help them to believe that they are buying something cherished.

Packaging of the product is the first thing that represents you in the market.

It is the key point that helps you to defeat your opponents.

Make sure you are investing your precious money in something valuable.

A packaging box not only protects your product from shocks but also works as a life savior for your reputation in the market.

If the perceived value of your product packaging box is low, then no one is going to purchase your products.

And ultimately, this is a negative point that no manufacturer or industrialist wants to face.


Making of Dieline

It is not necessary to use graphic effects on your product packaging all the time.

Dieline is the perfect method that helps you to get the most out of your product.

For the labeling of your standard-size boxes, the printer is the best option.

You can get the perfect Dieline template for your product that helps you to enhance the detailing.

For the formatting, the Dieline of your product, a 3D or simple printer requires the print or rough structure of your packaging box.

Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, and auto-cad are the best software that helps you to get the perfect cut lines.

This software allows the packaging designer to use audio mocking in the form of JPG or JNP file formats.

Local printers offer a limited color palette.

So, it is recommended to go with a 3D printer that allows you to create perfect Dieline for your product with unlimited combinations of colors.


Consider Perfect Measurements

This is the most challenging step in the process of designing an eye-catching packaging box for your product.

This is the step where you take the complete measurements.

This is the step that helps you to get the best Dieline for your product.

Remember, the packaging box for your product is always large in size as compared to the original size of the product.

This is the best way that protects the inner packaging side and the product safe from scratches and friction.


Make Suitable Graphics for Your Product

In this category, you can learn a wide array of packaging designs and styles for your product.

Graphic designing plays an important role in this field.

From color combinations to changing the style of box, there are thousands of things that you can do with the outer covering of your product.

In this part of the article, you are going to learn different styling methods that help your product to stand out in the packaging market.


Go with Foil

Foiling or hot stamping is an easy method to create the perfect packaging boxes for the manufacturing industries of food, toys, alcohol, tobacco, home appliances, and luxury items.

This is an easy and aesthetic method that converts the eye-catching image of your product on the thin layer of foil or film.

Then with the help of small instruments, these images are transferred from foil to the outer covering of plastic box.

This process is only completed under high pressure and heat that easily transfer the images on the outer covering of the box.

This process creates a perfect view of laminate with the help of substrate and carrier film.


Go with Minimalism or simplicity

The use of minimalism product packaging is increasing rapidly as people are becoming more common.

Nowadays, the taste of people is changing; they are moving from bold to simple ones.

In the field of packaging, it is a bit hard to get the perfect, eye-catching and simple packaging for the product.

Minimalism is the biggest trend in the field of packaging styles.

The rise of simplicity is rising almost in every corner of life.

But sometimes industrialists are failed to achieve the goals in the minimalism packaging.

What type of creativity can you show with a simple white color or transparent packaging style? Now, this is the tricky question, here is the complete game of words.

Minimalism not only keeps the product packaging keep simple but also gives a neat, clean and an elegant look.

This packaging style is going to stay for a longer time in the packaging industry due to its cost-effective property.

As compared to clutter and extravagant designs, minimalism packaging allows you to read the direction label carefully.

This packaging style is commonly used for food, snacks, toys, home appliances, and cosmetic products.


Emboss Packaging

Embossing is the point where you raise the look of your product with visual characters and images.

These words or images are pressed deeply from the inner side of the plastic packaging.

The rising or center area of the packaging has the effects of ink or foil applied to it.

Clear Packing Box for Cosmetic Packaging (PVC clear plastic price: $0.05)
Clear Packing Box for Cosmetic Packaging (PVC clear plastic price: $0.05)

Debossing is the opposite form of embossing packaging.

It leaves the imprint of visual characters on the above side of the packaging.

As compared to emboss printing or deboss only requires one die of ink to complete the process.


Draw Patterns

Minimalism is not the solution for every product.

Sometimes you have to show your creativity in different ways.

Let’s say drawing patterns on the plastic packaging box help you to gain the attention of more customers.

After selecting the visual style of your product packaging, your next step is to get inspiration for designing your assets.

First of all, search for all patterns and curves that match the styling and dimension of your packaging box.

There are different types of patterns that are now in trend such as

180 Sublime Surfaces: Blixa 6 Studios are the creator of this packaging pattern style.

Inspire from the Japanese ancient design designs; this 180 style is now using in different textures and a wide range of product packaging.

Granito Seamless Pattern: come in the range of 7 funky and exciting patterns, this packaging style comes from the intricate flooring technique name as Terrazzo.

Boho Packaging Patterns: this is the collection of 20 seamless granite patterns that are specially designed for the packaging of beauty and fashion products.


Geometric Pattern: this exciting large bundle of geometric packaging style comes in the range of 85 patterns.

According to different designers, this trendy style is best for the packaging for décor products or for children toys.


Play around colors

We all have a kid bury inside use.

Awake your inner kid with different colors.

Packaging of the product is an incredible vehicle for delivering your brand message.

The use of bold flat colors is increasing with the speed of fire.

Use of subtle or gradient colors is quite dominant nowadays for the packaging of food items.

Not only complement the design layout but also help products to stand out on the shelves with vibrant and bold colors.

The bold color palette also helps you to market the nature of your product.

In building the brand identity, bold colors palette plays an important role.

Bold colors help to give the idea about the product like what are they going to flavor inside the product.

#1 transparent Box for Cosmetic Product (PVC + PET)
#1 transparent Box for Cosmetic Product (PVC + PET)

Interesting Labelling

Cleaner labeling is another effect of minimalism.

Nowadays, people are more conscious about ingredients and what they are going to get inside the package.

Different health and medical companies are now considering printing ingredients and pasting labels on the front side of the package.

Typically, the front of the product is reserved for the logo or name of the product, but clear labeling printing design has now changed this tradition.

Except for all these designs, you can also go with vintage plastic packaging box designs, use dimensions and sustainability of the packaging boxes designs.

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