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We provide Eco-friendly food plastic packaging boxes for biscuit, cookie food, baby food, candy boxes. PVC, PET & PP plastic boxes. 10+ years in business. Limited Time Sale!

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    Plastic packaging is very common and widely used in the food product industry. It is used for packaging of food for humans and pets too. As plastic is a chemically stable and inert material, it does not react with the ingredients of food product packaged inside it.

    This ensures that the food product is not contaminated and remains fresh and safe for consumption. Plastic packaging boxes also provide a transparent look to the packaged product which helps the customers to make the desired purchase decision.

    Plastic packaging also provides good protection to the packaged food product during transit and from weather elements and is very cost-effective also. Some popular plastic packaging boxes for food products are discussed below:

    Paws Tech packaging boxes

    We have designed this elegant plastic packaging box for 4 Paws Tech by using creative graphics and design elements to make a statement.

    The design elements are clutter free and minimalistic, thereby creating a professional impact on the potential customers.

    The plastic packaging box is translucent which aids the potential customers to sneak inside to check the product.

    They can verify the type and quality of the packaged product and make a better and sound purchase decision, without having to open the packaging.

    The product packaging comes with a wall mount hang which is very useful as you can hang it on a wall mount. This helps in easily locating the product and increases its ease of usage.

    The quality of the plastic packaging box used for this product is very good and it provides excellent protection to the product from damage and contamination.


    Biscuits plastic packaging boxes

    The packaging used for biscuit is made from plastic and is quite attractive.

    The packaging material used by us is of excellent quality and provides exceptional protection to the packaged product. It protects the food item from weather elements and spoils it from getting damaged.

    We have used chemically inert plastic, which ensures that it does not react with the food items and hence, there is no chance of the product getting contaminated.

    There is an innovative circular die cut shape on the front of the packaging box which provides a sneak peek inside the packaging box to the customers.

    They can check the freshness and quality of the packaged food product and buy only if they are satisfied. The product labels and graphic elements on the front of the packaging box are very impressive and help to capture the attention of potential customers. The packaging of this product clearly distinguishes the product from other competitors.


    nutrition gel plastic packaging boxes

    The plastic packaging box for VitaPro integrated nutrition gel is made from durable and high-quality plastic by us for ensuring excellent overall quality.

    The packaging box is rectangular in shape and makes intelligent use of graphic designs and transparent packaging. The packaging is transparent from both the sides and half of it is transparent from the front.

    The backside along with a part of the front portion is dedicated to product labeling and design elements.

    The transparent packaging helps the customers to see the product from outside and guides them in purchasing it.

    The branding and designing of the product label are done nicely which creates a lasting impression on the potential customers and captures their attention.

    The wall mount hang is another utility feature which adds to the overall design element of the packaging.


    Boîtes d'emballage en plastique de collation

    We have designed this snacks plastic packaging box by using good quality of plastic. The graphic designs and branding on the packaging make it stand out and differentiates it from the competition.

    The packaging box has a stable base on which it can stand erect. There is a transparent window on the front of the packaging box which provides the customers a look inside the packaging.

    They can check the content packaged inside and verify its specifications and quality to see if it matches their requirements or not. There is no need to open the plastic packaging box to see the product due to the transparent window.



    Boîtes d'emballage en plastique pour aliments pour animaux de compagnie

    The food product for pets comes packaged in a plastic box which has been made by us using excellent quality materials.

    The packaging is transparent which makes it more appealing and elegant to the potential customers. The design elements and graphics used on the front and back of the packaging box make quite an impression and capture customer’s attention.

    The branding and design elements are one of the strongest points of this well-designed plastic packaging box. The package opens from the top and the contents can be replaced back inside it after usage.

    The excellent quality of plastic used for packaging ensures that the packaged product is kept safe and secure and it prevents the food product from any type of contamination.


    Dog food plastic packaging boxes

    The packaging for the pet food product has been designed and made by us in a premium and sophisticated manner. The plastic packaging box makes use of black foreground which provides a premium feel to the entire packaging.

    The use of excellent graphics and branding elements makes the package stand out from other similar products. The graphics are accentuated in the back background which adds to the visual appeal of the product.

    There is a transparent window on the front part of the packaging box which lets the potential customers see inside the box to check the content. The durable nature of the packaging protects the packaged product from contamination and damage.


    Snacks emballage en plastique transparent

    This product packaging is characterized by its excellent design and playful branding elements. The packaging box is made by us from good quality and there is a transparent space in front of it.

    This is convenient for potential customers as they can check the product dimensions, specifications, and quality from the outside itself. The playful design elements used on the entire product packaging provides it a unique look and is sure to make it stand out from the competition.

    The packaging opens from the top and the product can be conveniently placed back inside the packaging after it has been used.

    The packaging has been designed to provide the highest degree of safety and security to the packaged contents from external weather elements to protect it from any kind of contamination.


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