A PVC box Hoobkas hais tias lawv nyob nraum qhov zoo tshaj plaws tau tsi ua ib tug cliché. Koj yuav nrhiav tau pua pua ntawm cov yas manufacturers uas hais tias lawv txoj kev ua lawv qhov zoo tshaj plaws lub tuam txhab muaj yog.

Technically, we’re about to say the exact same thing.

We’re about to say that we’re the maestros when it comes to making PVC/PET/PP plastic packaging for many products. But, we have some viable reasons that prove the fact and back up our claim.

So, without further ado, let’s get into a few reasons why our products and our packaging factory are the finest choices in the world.

1. Peb nyob nraum ib qhov Top PVC box factories Out Muaj

Ask yourself a question: which company would you hire?

Koj puas tau ntiav ib tug PVC box Hoobkas uas cia li pib tawm los yog ib lub tuam txhab uas tau sawv thiab khiav thiab ua hauj lwm ib co ntawm cov biggest npe nyob rau hauv lub ntiaj teb no?

Thov mus saib peb lub tuam txhab video:

Cov lus teb muaj zoo nkauj cuab kev.

Peb PVC box Hoobkas yog ib tug uas tau nyob rau hauv ua lag luam rau ntau xyoo thiab tau txais kev pab ntau tshaj li ib ob peb ntawm cov hmoov zoo 500 tuam txhab uas muag.

Starbucks , Sephora, L'Oreal, Nivea, Durex , thiab J! NS yog cov cia li ib ob peb ntawm cov txhiab ntawm cov npe.

Peb yog pej xeem lawv tig los rau tag nrho cov ntawm lawv cov khoom ntim xav tau kev pab.

Peb nyob nraum mas ntseeg los ntawm cov npe thiab lawv yeej tsis yig mus muab lawv ua tsaug rau peb cov kev pab. Yog li ntawd, yog hais tias tus sab saum toj tuam txhab uas muag siv peb cov kev pab, uas yog ib tug ntshiab kos npe rau tias tej zaum koj yuav tsum zoo li.

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2. Peb cov Ntim khoom Tsis txhob Nqi ib tug Fortune

One of the major concerns of companies that start a partnership with us is prices.

Not every company has deep pockets to drop a decent dime on just packaging. A large percentage of our customers are small start-up businesses that are working on quite a tight budget.


We know this and that’s why we aim to ensure that you’re getting the lowest price possible.

We like to call ourselves a people’s company.

Sure, we’re making money just like any other cosmetic product packaging manufacturer in the world. The profit is what helps us keep our factories in Shanghai running.

But, that isn’t our primary concern. We don’t exploit our customers and overcharge them just to make a profit. Our utmost effort is to make our services easy to hire.

Clear Plastic PVC Box Manufacturers Lwm & Wholesalers Los ntawm Tuam Tshoj
KIKO packaging box from PVC box factory

Plastic is cheap and our PVC/PET/PP plastic packaging for cosmetic products are the most affordable you’re ever going to find. Do yourself and your company a favor; get our yas ntim .


3. Peb cov Ntim khoom yog check, Waterproof thiab teeb Nyhav

Plastic products are generally meant to be all three of the above, but when it comes to our PVC/PET/PP yas ntim for cosmetic products, there is absolutely no competition. Let’s get into a bit how we excel in all three departments.

  • durability

Our high-quality raw materials ensure that our PVC/PET/PP plastic products aren’t flimsy. They can withstand their fair share of wear and tear without a problem. We ensure that our cosmetic yas ntim can be used for things a lot heavier than just a bunch of makeup.

  • Waterproof

Companies prefer to use our yas ntim especially when they’re going to be shipping overseas. There’s always a chance a crate or something might go overboard. Don’t worry about your merchandise getting wrecked. Our airtight packages are entirely waterproof. The plastic might get wet, but the cosmetics won’t.

  • Lub teeb Nyhav

Tsis npaum li cas peb yuav hais txog qhov no. Yas yog obviously khaub-ncaws nyias. Txawm tias peb muab tso rau ib tug heev heev ntawm cov xim nyob rau hauv lub durability nam, peb yas nyob twj ywm sib thiab yooj yim mus nqa thiab thauj.

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4. Peb PVC box Hoobkas Muaj lub Uas Pab Kuv Tshaj neeg them nyiaj yug Puas

Cia li zoo li lwm yam neeg yug, peb yog tseem meant "kev pab txhawb nqa" cov neeg muas zaub.

Tab sis, cia siab rau peb thaum peb hais no, koj tsis tau pom ib tug neeg yug txog koj twb pom muaj ib tug ntawm ALPPM.

Peb cov neeg yog cov feem ntau yuav pab tau Rev koj yuav mus nrhiav tau. Koj muaj peev xwm hu rau peb nyob ib ncig ntawm lub moos thiab peb yuav nyob ntawm no 24 teev ntawm ib hnub twg.

Clear Plastic PVC Box Manufacturers Lwm & Wholesalers Los ntawm Tuam Tshoj
pab neeg ntawm PVC box Hoobkas

We can answer any queries or follow up questions that you might have. You can call us to request quotes and we’ll get back to you in 20-24 hours with the exact price for our service.

Are you looking for 3D designs of the packaging that you’re going to get? Don’t worry; you can request a complete CAD sample before we get to the manufacturing phase. We can have your CAD designs ready in just a week and have the product delivered to your doorstep in just two weeks.


5. Peb Ntau ntawm cov khoom rau lwm industries 

Sure, we’re great when it comes to manufacturing cosmetic plastic product packaging; but our services aren’t limited to that. We can make plastic packaging for a variety of different applications in our PVC box factory. A list of all the things we make packaging for are listed below:

  • Cosmetics (Obviously)
  • Tus me nyuam cov khoom
  • Cards
  • Ris tsho
  • Accessories
  • electronics
  • Food
  • Gift Box
  • Living Packing
  • Pet Box
  • PVC Box

Eleven is quite a high number which goes to show why we are the best PVC box factory in the world.

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Here is our PVC/PET/PP plastic boxes showcase video from Youtube:


Kaw Xav

In the end, we’d like to say that you don’t necessarily have to order in bulk. If you’re looking to find a PVC box factory or just want to try out our products, you can purchase them from our website or from https://www.alppm.com

The prices are pretty low and they shouldn’t cost you that much. You’ll get to experience our products first hand and we hope that they can meet your expectations. If you have any questions about any of our products or our PVC box factory, please go ahead and leave us a message or send us an email: jack.qiu@alppm.com



ALPPM(Asian leading plastic product manufacturer, https://www.alppm.com) has been servicing the PVC/PET/PP plastic packaging needs of clients from many industries since 2001.

Our ntshiab yas thawv are manufactured with our Germany imported Heidelberg six-color UV printing machinery in our own factory in Shanghai, China. We are continually improving our methods and standards to maintain efficiency and productivity.

Our capabilities include but not limited to manufacture clear high-quality custom PVC/PET/PP plastic packing products, such as plastic square gift box, packaging for cosmetic, living, electronic, food & cake, maternity & baby product, stationery, hardware & tools, clothing & accessories packings, bags/tubes/folders/blisters and so on.

Here is our PVC box video:

We accept the OEM & ODM and our production capacity for auto-lock bottom box is 50,000 per day and normal bottom box 100,000 per day.

We have a long-term business relationship with many world famous brands, such as Lock & Lock, Durex, M&G, NIVEA, JINS, SONY, miffy, Belkin, BOSIDENG, Starbucks, LOREAL, and it’s our goal to make every client satisfied.

qhov chaw:  https://www.alppm.com/pvc-box-factory/

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Tell us about your packaging boxes' size, material & quantity:D
Tell us about your packaging boxes' size, material & quantity:D
Tell us about your packaging boxes' size, material & quantity:D
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