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What Is Clamshell Packaging? (Beginner’s Guide)

Clams have an external shell composed of two similar size parts connected by four interlocking teeth which act as a hinge. Now developers are using this idea to create clamshell packaging.

33 Idee e ispirazioni per l'imballaggio del prodotto

Here, we have gathered the 33 amazing designs of packaging that offers great artwork, convincing look of your product and helps to make an appropriate space in the market.

Easy-to Fold-Bottom Plastic Packaging Boxes Review

Here is a side-by-side comparison of our easy-to-use clear box vs. a competitor.As you can see, both boxes fold flat. The box on the right is noticeably flimsier.

Come creare un sacchetto per alimenti per snack (per principianti)

Packaging for snacks is an important element in its marketing. Over time flexible packaging for snacks has emerged as a key trend. Flexible packaging is lightweight and cost-effective.

Che cos'è l'imballaggio flessibile: la guida dell'acquirente definitiva

We are an active part of this intelligent packaging idea which is "Flexible Packaging". This packaging model has changed lives and has been the reason of ever-growing business which we encounter around us these days.

What is Stand-Up Pouches: Best Choice for Food Packaging?

Stand up pouches are the most convenient to use pouches which are used to store food, beverages, and non-food items too. They are so named because they remain in a stand-up position when they are fully filled.

Sacchetti metallizzati contro sacchetti in alluminio: qual è il migliore?

We will discuss Some of the key differences between metalized pouches and the foil pouches packaging, pro and con, main feature and daily usage.

12 tipi popolari di buste stand up: quale dovresti usare?

The stand-up pouches find application in most of the industries. They are ideal for packaging food items. They are used for packaging across many industries like medical and pharmaceuticals, industrial items, gardening products etc.

Baby Food Pouch 2021 Design Trends

Baby food packaging products are exclusively designed for packaging food for infants and toddlers. How to design baby food that increases sales?

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