Best PVC PET PP Raw Material Supplier

We can provide our potential customers with bulk, retail, and wholesale PVC, PET, PP raw materials with good export quality and custom-made goods promise.

PET vs PVC: 13 ragioni per dirti perché PET è meglio

Qui parleremo di 13 motivi per cui il PET è migliore del PVC, come durata, prezzo, trasparenza, peso e così via. Discuteremo anche alcuni degli svantaggi del PET e le domande più frequenti sul PET: il PET è tossico? Il PET può essere riutilizzato? La PET causerà il cancro?

PVC vs. PET vs. PP | Which Material Should I Use for Packaging?

[infographic] The age-old question for any industry is figuring out what plastic packaging to use. PVC, PET, and PP all have their own unique benefits. Certain products require particular plastic packaging, so choosing the right type of plastic to use is important. We hope to give you some more insight as to what plastic packaging is right for your product.

#2021 Trend del packaging di prodotti cosmetici di design e materiali

Admit that: People do judge things by their appearance, especially when it comes to cosmetic industry, who looks ugly, who lose. Since the cosmetic industry is building, the demand for these products has greatly increased. However, the packaging and design of the cosmetic products are what is making the sales.

Scatola in PVC trasparente per imballaggi al dettaglio: la guida definitiva

Looking for plastic retail boxes with high quality? When choosing a good design for retail plastic product packaging, you need to make sure it is pleasing to look at. You want to make your plastic packaging something you cannot take your eyes off of.

Fornitori di scatole di plastica in PVC trasparente e produttori all'ingrosso Cina

A PVC box factory saying that they’re the best has sort of becoming a cliché. You could find hundreds of plastic manufacturers that say that their methods make them the best company there is.

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