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Principali motivi per cui gli acquirenti non dovrebbero accettare un prodotto a causa dell'imballaggio

If you are engaged in the process of developing a product, you need to pay more attention to packaging as well. That’s because the...

Come aumentare i prezzi di $$$ con il packaging design

If you are not yet convinced, you should keep on reading. We will be able to provide you with more information on how you can raise the prices of what you offer with packaging design. This would tempt you to pay more attention to packaging design and grab these benefits as well.

Qual è la differenza tra design del prodotto e design del packaging?

There is a significant difference between product design and package design. You should have a solid understanding of these two. We will share you with important information that you need to know through this article. Hence, you will be able to make informed decisions when you are working with them.

Come progettare l'imballaggio al dettaglio: la guida definitiva

If you are manufacturing a retail product, it is important to have a solid understanding of retail packaging in mind. This can heavily contribute towards the results that you will be able to get at the end of the day.

In che modo i clienti traggono maggiori benefici dalla progettazione di imballaggi?

As a package designer, you need to keep in mind that your job role is to deliver the best possible packaging design, where you can impress your customers. While you are on a mission to get the job done, you should also have a solid understanding of how your customers will be benefited from packaging design as well. Then you can focus more on those aspects and make sure that all your customers can receive the benefits that they are expecting to get.

Quanti premi per il packaging design (che conta davvero?)

Award-winning designers have always been an advantage for the companies as they offer the latest designs or updates on the old ones that have always resulted in a profit for the companies.

Standard di convalida del design dell'imballaggio

Whenever a product is made, it is packaged and designed to represent the company. It must go through vigorous testing to ensure that it meets the standards.

Imballaggi in plastica vs vetro: quale scegliere?

Entrambi gli imballaggi hanno i loro vantaggi che sollevano la questione di quale e perché uno dovrebbe essere preferito? Nel corso degli anni, sia i produttori che i consumatori hanno scelto di discutere di questo problema.

How to Select Plastic Packaging for Small Business?

The packaging of the product needs to be both eye-catching and secure. Do you know which type of packaging material helps you to achieve this?...

Come progettare la scatola di imballaggio per biancheria intima di plastica

The best plastic package of underwear will stimulate buyers to buy the product. It is for this reason, intimate apparel providers thrive for the most enticing and appealing designs for their product package.

Which Shape Should I Use for Plastic Packaging Boxes (Pros & Cons)

[Infographic] There are different shapes of plastic packaging boxes, such as square, rectangular, pillow, sleeves, pop-n-lock, box with hang hole, which are used for packaging of different products depending on its suitability.

How Much Does Plastic Packaging Design Cost (Average Price)

But here we are trying to discuss the different levels of plastic packaging design cost that helps you to know what and where you have to pay?

How to Find Reliable Plastic Packaging Box Supplier (10 Tips)

[infographic] The importance of plastic packaging makes it critical for you to identify and select suitable plastic packaging box supplier for your products. The current article highlights the various considerations you should keep in mind while selecting plastic packaging box suppliers.  

How to Make Wine Packaging That Can Attract More Customers

Wine packaging has also evolved considerably over time. Using bottle wraps in colorful illustrations is a new emerging trend in wine packaging.

How to Make Shampoo Bottle Packaging Box (For Beginner)

With increasing customer income and changing preferences, packaging for shampoo has become important. The packaging is a major driving force which compels the users to purchase the shampoo brand.

How to Make Baby Product Packaging Box (Comprehensive Report)

Parents are growing more conscious of purchasing the best baby product. Introduction of luxurious baby products has evolved the packaging and led to premium and innovative packaging.

How To Design Toy Packaging Boxes (Kids Love!)

Toy packaging boxes are having a greater impact on consumers and it has become as important as the product itself.

How to Make Swab Packaging Box That Will Add Value

Swab packaging boxes are one of the most important aspects of swab marketing. It is the first visual cue which the customer has of the product.

How to Design Gift Packaging Boxes (Comprehensive Guide)

The demand for gift boxes is growing due to increasing personal disposable income and evolving customer preferences. Gift boxes provide a rich and attractive feel to the packaged gifts.

Che cos'è l'imballaggio flessibile: la guida dell'acquirente definitiva

We are an active part of this intelligent packaging idea which is "Flexible Packaging". This packaging model has changed lives and has been the reason of ever-growing business which we encounter around us these days.
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