Clothing packaging boxes are a very important differentiating element in the fashion industry.

Packaging boxes provide a positive cue for the customers to consider and purchase the brand. The type of clothing packaging boxes has changed considerably with time.

The current trend is for minimalistic packaging which provides a neat and elegant feel to the apparel.

The packaging should have transparent die cuts which allow the customers to see the product from outside without breaking open the packaging seal.

The trend is also moving towards eco-friendly packaging in the apparel industry. Customers are very conscious of the threat posed by unnecessary and non-recyclable packaging to the environment.

They prefer to purchase products with green packaging. Providing utility to customers is another popular trend in apparel packaging.

Most brands now have packaging which is innovative and can be reused by the customers after unboxing.

Clothes Market Share

The global apparel industry has evolved a lot over time. In the year 2017, Nike had the highest market share of the global apparel industry with a market share of 2.8%.

Nike is followed by H&M in terms of global market share.H&M had 4739 global stores in the year 2017.

China is an emerging and important market for H&M which is reflected by the rapid increase in the stores between 2010-2017.

ZARA the flagship brand of Inditex Group has more than 2200 stores across 96 countries.

10% of the total sales of ZARA are registered through online and e-commerce channel.

Popular Cloth Brands

The global apparel industry is growing at a healthy rate. The customers are becoming more informed and fashion conscious and are demanding stylish and fashionable apparel.

This coupled with the increasing disposable income are the key drivers for the apparel industry.

Nike was the global leader in apparel brands in the year 2018 with a total brand value of $28.03 billion.

It is followed by H&M which has a total brand value of $18.95 billion, with ZARA being a close third and amassing a brand value of $17.45 billion.

Adidas, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Gucci, UNIQLO, and Rolex complete the top 10 global apparel brands.

Type of Clothes

Clothes can be classified by many categories. Some of the major categories for the classification of apparel are as follows:


Clothes are classified according to gender as men’s wear and women’s wear. There are also children’s wear apparels which are distinct for boys and girls.


On the basis of season, the clothes are broadly classified as summer wear, spring wear, and winter wear.

Each category of clothes is suitable for a specific season and is manufactured using appropriate fabric.

Type of Fabric

Based on the type of fabrics, clothes can be categorized into cotton wear, silk wear, synthetic clothes, leather clothes, and accessories, etc.


Clothes can also be classified according to the events. Formal clothes are worn during formal events like weddings, office meetings, special occasions, festivals, etc. Casual clothes are best for wearing in a day to day activities, sports, leisure, etc.

Mode of Manufacturing

Clothes are classified based on the mode of their manufacturing. Based on this classification, clothes are categorized into readymade clothes and tailored clothes.


Apparel are categorized based on branding and cost. Branded apparels are manufactured from reputed brands and are costly.

Non-branded apparel is not made by specific brands and is cheaper than branded clothes.

Materials Used for Clothing Packaging Boxes

Different materials are used for packaging of clothes. The choice of material for packaging depends on the type of clothes being packaged, the degree of protection required, type of labeling and printing, and cost considerations.

Some of the most common materials used for the packaging of apparels are discussed below:


The use of plastic has revolutionized the packaging industry.

The apparel industry has also benefited immensely using plastic in packaging. Plastics offer a lightweight and durable packaging option.

They protect the apparel from damage during its transit to the retail stores. The plastic packaging is also cost-effective.

The packaging is also very print friendly, and it allows for printing of high-quality graphics and information on it.

This makes the packaging very elaborate and intricate which captures the imagination of the potential customers.


Paper and cardboard are the most commonly used packaging materials for the apparel industry.

They are the most cost-effective materials and provide good versatility. The paper and cardboard packaging can be designed in different shapes and sizes.

They also provide a sufficient degree of protection to the packaged clothes from damage during transit.

These packaging materials are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly and they do not cause any environmental degradation.


Metal boxes and tin cans are also being increasingly used for apparel packaging. The use of metal makes the packaging look premium and luxurious.

The metal packaging provides excellent protection to the packaged apparel during transit and prevents any damage from impact or weather elements.

The metal packaging is 100% recyclable and can be reused for other purposes which add to its utility.

The branding on the metal packaging box can be of very high quality and it can lead to better brand building and recall considering that the packaging box will be reused by the customers for a long time.


Clothing Packaging Boxes Design Tips

There are many important considerations which contribute towards designing of an attractive packaging for apparel. Some of the important considerations are discussed below:

Transparent Packaging

The new trend is for designing transparent packaging for clothes. The outer packaging has a die cut transparent window which makes the packaged clothes visible to the customers.

How to Design Clothing & Apparel Plastic Packaging Boxes?

This not only increases the appeal of the packaging, but it also helps the customers to know the color and type of cloth without having to break open the seal.

Some types of apparel like undergarments are generally not purchased by the customers without seeing the colors.

This kind of transparent packaging which makes use of paper or carton box combined with a transparent window resolves this problem.

It helps the customers to check the apparel color and make an informed purchase decision.

Secure and Safe Packaging

Clothes are personal use products and thus they need to be securely packaged which will protect them against any transit damages.

If the packaging is damaged then the clothes will be subjected to external elements which may lead to creasing and soiling of the clothes which may considerably reduce its prospects of being sold.

The packaging should be done using materials which are impact resistant and have high durability. Such packaging will ensure that the apparel is safely shipped to the retail shelves without any damage.

How to Design Clothing & Apparel Plastic Packaging Boxes?

Due to this, packaging using sturdy plastic polymers like PVC, PET, polypropylene is very popular and are being increasingly used for packaging of apparel.

Minimal Designing

The global trend for packaging of products is of making minimalistic packaging designs. The trend packaging for apparel is also moving towards minimal and elegantly designed packaging box.

The packaging should not be too cluttered and cheesy as it may be ignored by the customers. A minimalistic packaging box provides the feel of a premium product and sophistication and will attract the customers.

The packaging should have the basic and relevant details pertaining to the packaged apparel and should communicate clearly with the customers on what is packaged inside.


卸売バルク 24 個のキャンディ ボックス パーティー記念品ボックス ピロー ボックス フラミンゴ ギフト ボックス 御馳走ボックス カードストック ボックス 誕生日パーティー ウェディング ブライダル シャワー デコレーション サプライヤー

It should effectively project the features of the packaged cloth and help the customers in making the purchase decision.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Boxes for Clothing

Making use of eco-friendly and recyclable packaging is a major trend in the packaging of clothes.

This is due to the moral responsibility of the brands to contribute positively towards the environment and the strict government regulations for using green and sustainable packaging.

Customers are also becoming increasingly aware of the threat to the environment resulting from unsustainable product packaging.

It has been revealed by studies that customers prefer to purchase a product with eco-friendly packaging.

Using eco-friendly packaging projects a positive image of the brand and the company among the customers and drives them towards purchasing the product. It also acts as a brand building exercise.

Functionality and Utility of Clothing Packaging Boxes

Customers across the world tend to look for value and functionality in packaging. Product packaging can offer them different utility like the flexibility to reuse the packaging box after unboxing the cloth.

Brands are moving towards more innovative packaging designs which lets the customers reuse the packaging box for different purposes.

How to Design Clothing & Apparel Plastic Packaging Boxes?

One of the most creative instances of cloth packaging comes from Hangerpak. They have designed the packaging box in a manner that after unboxing, it can be reshaped as a cloth hanger and used for hanging clothes.

This unique design offers significant utility to the customers and can be a key driver for sales.


Examples of Good Cloth Packaging Boxes

The packaging is becoming as important as the product itself. It creates a positive impact on the customers and catches their attention.

Packaging is a very important element in marketing of clothes. Well-designed packaging generally results in increased sales.

Some examples of unique and innovative cloth packaging which have been appreciated by the customers are provided below:


Ugmonk rolled out it is 4番目-anniversary packaging of clothes in a wooden cylindrical form. The packaging was made from birch wood which constituted the T-shirt holders.

The cylindrical packaging has a circular top and bottom. It opens by unraveling a cord around a toggle. The packaging is not only unique and beautiful, but it is also eco-friendly and can be reused for other purposes after unboxing.



Denada T-shirts were packaged in tin cans with the opening at the top resembling a human brain. The unboxing experience is fun with this playful and innovative packaging.

The packaging attracts the attention of the customers and increases the chances of product purchase. The tin packaging can be reused as a storage container after unboxing. The tin can is also recyclable and thus eco-friendly.

How to Design Clothing & Apparel Plastic Packaging Boxes?

Sod T-Shirts

Sod T-shirts came out with their new line of t-shirts that are packaged in simple yet unique packaging. The packaging resembles the food items sold in supermarkets.

Each t-shirt has a different design which when packaged resembles a different food type. The packaging is made from plastic polymers which are eco-friendly and totally recyclable.

How to Design Clothing & Apparel Plastic Packaging Boxes?

Johnny Cupcakes T-Shirts

Johnny Cupcakes T-shirt packaging is very adorable. The t-shirts are packaged in tin cans which are designed to resemble paint cans.

The packaging is playful and colorful with each tin can having a distinct artwork which matches with the packaged t-shirt. The tin can packaging is made to look like Johnny Cupcakes frosting containers.

How to Design Clothing & Apparel Plastic Packaging Boxes?


Molimao t-shirts are packaged inside cardboard boxes which look like pizza boxes. The packaging has die cuts on the front which provides the customers a sneak peek inside to see the color of the packaged t-shirt.

The packaging is innovative and eco-friendly. The overall packaging has an elegant and visually pleasing appearance.

How to Design Clothing & Apparel Plastic Packaging Boxes?

Lately Lily Baby Gift Set

Lately, Lily baby apparel comes with vivid and bright prints which are ideal for babies. The baby apparel comes packaged in a beautiful yellow colored reusable suitcase gift box.

The packaging box is bright and attractive, and the aesthetic packaging attracts the customers. The packaging box is recyclable and does not pose any threat to the environment.

How to Design Clothing & Apparel Plastic Packaging Boxes?

Conto Figueira

Conto Figueira- the Brazilian fashion brand- is known for its premium and sophisticated packaging. It made use of wooden packaging tray to reinforce its premium and luxurious packaging of apparel.

The packaging boxes provide excellent protection to the packaged apparel and it can also be reused after unboxing providing utility to the customers.

How to Design Clothing & Apparel Plastic Packaging Boxes?

Brokula & Z

Brokula & Z apparel is made from organic cotton. The packaging is completely recyclable and eco-friendly. It does not make use of any glue and plastic.

The playful and cheerful packaging is made from recycled paper. Packaging is of good quality and provides enough protection to the packaged apparel. The packaging offers a fun-filled unboxing experience for the customers.

How to Design Clothing & Apparel Plastic Packaging Boxes?

Lega Lega T-Shirts Packaging Boxes

The packaging for the Lega Lega t-shirts is distinctly innovative and unique. The t-shirts come packaged in a gable top carton. Once unboxed, the packaging includes a t-shirt and a small sketchbook.

The packaging is beautiful and is sure to catch the customer’s attention. The packaging material is recyclable and eco-friendly.

How to Design Clothing & Apparel Plastic Packaging Boxes?

Burn Card Clothing Packaging Boxes

Burn Card is a popular brand for apparel and it manufactures apparel with the iconic Burn Card emblem on them. The packaging is inspired by the classic playing cards and is attractive.

The packaging is minimalistic and yet elegant. The designing of the packaging makes it stand out on the retail shelves.

How to Design Clothing & Apparel Plastic Packaging Boxes?





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