A fabbrika kaxxa PVC qal li dawn qed l-aħjar ikun tip ta 'ssir cliché. Inti tista 'ssib mijiet ta' manifatturi tal-plastik li jgħidu li l-metodi tagħhom jagħmluhom l-aħjar kumpanija hemm.

Technically, we’re about to say the exact same thing.

We’re about to say that we’re the maestros when it comes to making PVC/PET/PP plastic packaging for many products. But, we have some viable reasons that prove the fact and back up our claim.

So, without further ado, let’s get into a few reasons why our products and our packaging factory are the finest choices in the world.

1. Aħna Wieħed mill-fabbriki kaxxa Top PVC Minn hemm

Ask yourself a question: which company would you hire?

Would you hire a PVC box factory that’s just starting off or a company that’s been up and running and serving some of the biggest names in the entire world?

Jekk jogħġbok iċċekkja vidjo kumpanija tagħna:

The answer there is pretty obvious.

Our PVC box factory is one that has been in business for many years and has served more than a few of the fortune 500 companies.

Starbucks, Sephora, L’Oreal, Nivea, Durex, and J!NS are just a few of the thousands of names.

We’re the folks they turn to for all of their product packaging needs.

We’re highly trusted by these names and they never hesitate to offer their gratitude for our services. So, if the top companies are using our services, that’s a clear sign that maybe you should as well.

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2. tagħna Plastic Products Ippakkjar Ma ispiża Fortune

One of the major concerns of companies that start a partnership with us is prices.

Not every company has deep pockets to drop a decent dime on just packaging. A large percentage of our customers are small start-up businesses that are working on quite a tight budget.


We know this and that’s why we aim to ensure that you’re getting the lowest price possible.

We like to call ourselves a people’s company.

Sure, we’re making money just like any other cosmetic product packaging manufacturer in the world. The profit is what helps us keep our factories in Shanghai running.

But, that isn’t our primary concern. We don’t exploit our customers and overcharge them just to make a profit. Our utmost effort is to make our services easy to hire.

Ċari plastik PVC Manifatturi Kaxxa Fornituri & Grossisti Miċ-Ċina
KIKO packaging box from PVC box factory

Plastic is cheap and our PVC/PET/PP plastic packaging for cosmetic products are the most affordable you’re ever going to find. Do yourself and your company a favor; get our plastic packaging.


3. plastik Prodotti tagħna Ippakkjar huma jservu, Waterproof u Light Piż

Plastic products are generally meant to be all three of the above, but when it comes to our PVC/PET/PP plastic packaging for cosmetic products, there is absolutely no competition. Let’s get into a bit how we excel in all three departments.

  • durabilità

Our high-quality raw materials ensure that our PVC/PET/PP plastic products aren’t flimsy. They can withstand their fair share of wear and tear without a problem. We ensure that our cosmetic plastic packaging can be used for things a lot heavier than just a bunch of makeup.

  • Ma jgħaddix ilma

Companies prefer to use our plastic packaging especially when they’re going to be shipping overseas. There’s always a chance a crate or something might go overboard. Don’t worry about your merchandise getting wrecked. Our airtight packages are entirely waterproof. The plastic might get wet, but the cosmetics won’t.

  • Piż dawl

Not much we can say about this. Plastic is obviously lightweight. Even though we put quite a lot of attention on the durability aspect, our plastics remain lightweight and easier to carry and transport.

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4. kaxxa PVC fabbrika tagħna Ittieħdu l-Customer Support Ħafna Jg Ever

Just like any other customer support, ours is also meant to “support” the customers.

But, trust us when we say this, you haven’t seen a customer support till you’ve seen the one at ALPPM.

Our people are the most helpful bunch you’re going to find. You can contact us around the clock and we’ll be here 24 hours of each day.

Ċari plastik PVC Manifatturi Kaxxa Fornituri & Grossisti Miċ-Ċina
team member of PVC box factory

We can answer any queries or follow up questions that you might have. You can call us to request quotes and we’ll get back to you in 20-24 hours with the exact price for our service.

Are you looking for 3D designs of the packaging that you’re going to get? Don’t worry; you can request a complete CAD sample before we get to the manufacturing phase. We can have your CAD designs ready in just a week and have the product delivered to your doorstep in just two weeks.


5. Varjetà tagħna ta 'Prodotti għal industriji oħra 

Sure, we’re great when it comes to manufacturing cosmetic plastic product packaging; but our services aren’t limited to that. We can make plastic packaging for a variety of different applications in our PVC box factory. A list of all the things we make packaging for are listed below:

  • Cosmetics (Obviously)
  • Prodotti Baby
  • Cards
  • ħwejjeġ
  • Accessories
  • elettronika
  • Food
  • Gift Box
  • Living Packing
  • Pet Box
  • PVC Kaxxa

Eleven is quite a high number which goes to show why we are the best PVC box factory in the world.

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Here is our PVC/PET/PP plastic boxes showcase video from Youtube:


għeluq Ħsibijiet

In the end, we’d like to say that you don’t necessarily have to order in bulk. If you’re looking to find a PVC box factory or just want to try out our products, you can purchase them from our website or from https://www.alppm.com

Il-prezzijiet huma pjuttost baxxi u dawn m'għandhomx jiswik li ħafna. Int ser tingħata l-esperjenza prodotti tagħna ewwel banda u nittamaw li jistgħu jilħqu l-aspettattivi tiegħek. Jekk għandek xi mistoqsijiet dwar kwalunkwe mill-prodotti tagħna jew fabbrika kaxxa PVC tagħna, jekk jogħġbok mur quddiem u leave us messaġġ jew ibgħatilna email: jack.qiu@alppm.com



ALPPM (li jwassal manifattur tal-plastik Asja prodott,  https://www.alppm.com ) has been servicing the PVC/PET/PP plastic packaging needs of clients from many industries since 2001.

Our kaxxi tal-plastik ċar huma manifatturati bl-Ġermanja tagħna importat Heidelberg sitt makkinarju għall-istampar UV -Kulur fil-fabbrika tagħna stess f'Shanghai, iċ-Ċina. Aħna kontinwament titjib tal-metodi u l-istandards tagħna biex iżommu l-effiċjenza u l-produttività.

Our capabilities include but not limited to manufacture clear high-quality custom PVC/PET/PP plastic packing products, such as plastic square gift box, packaging for cosmetic, living, electronic, food & cake, maternity & baby product, stationery, hardware & tools, clothing & accessories packings, bags/tubes/folders/blisters and so on.

Here is our PVC box video:

We accept the OEM & ODM and our production capacity for auto-lock bottom box is 50,000 per day and normal bottom box 100,000 per day.

We have a long-term business relationship with many world famous brands, such as Lock & Lock, Durex, M&G, NIVEA, JINS, SONY, miffy, Belkin, BOSIDENG, Starbucks, LOREAL, and it’s our goal to make every client satisfied.

Sors:  https://www.alppm.com/pvc-box-factory/

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Chat with us
Want to know more details about our Plastic Boxes? Just send us a message!
Want to know more details about our Plastic Boxes? Just send us a message!
Want to know more details about our Plastic Boxes? Just send us a message!
Want to know more details about our Plastic Boxes? Just send us a message!
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