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    Stationery packaging is most commonly done using plastic packaging boxes. These boxes are transparent and provide excellent visual aesthetics to the packaged product.

    It also allows the customers to assess the features and quality of the packaged stationery items and make sound buying decisions.

    The packaging for stationery items enhances its look and feel which captures the attention of the potential customers and influences the customers into making the desired purchase decision.

    Plastic packaging boxes used for stationery products enhance their convenience and ease of use for the end-users. Some popular stationery packaging plastic boxes are discussed below:


    Transparent Pencil Packaging Boxes

    This packaging box is designed by us for pencils. The packaging box is transparent from all sides with a descriptive label attached on the front. The packaging is helpful for potential customers as they can see the packaged pencils without having to open the packaging.

    They can see the dimensions and quality of the pencils by just looking at the packaging box from the outside and make informed purchase decisions.

    This packaging box also features a hanging loop which is quite handy as you can hang it for convenient location and usage.

    The labeling on the front adds to the visual appeal and branding elements of the packaging and makes it more attractive for the potential customers.


    We have ensured that the designed packaging is secure and is made to protect the packaged product from wear and tear and any other form of damage during transit.


    Befia plastic packaging boxes

    The Befia Fineliners vibrant ink colors packaging made by us makes use of a sturdy and secure plastic box. There is a button on the front which can be closed to keep the packaged colors safe and secure.

    The packaging comes with a wall mount hang which allows you to hang it on a wall or at some other place where you can easily locate it. It also saves you space for storing the product. The product label on the front makes use of attractive design elements and graphics which differentiates the product from the competition.

    The packaging box can stand erect on its base which allows you to keep it upright for better access and use of the packaged ink colors. The packaging is done using high-quality plastic which protects the product from damage during transit and usage too.

    The packaging is transparent from all sides which adds to its visual appeal and helps the customers while making their purchase decisions.



    Mechanical pencil packaging boxes

    This packaging is designed by us for mechanical pencils. The packaging is made completely transparent by us with product label displayed on the front.

    The packaging is designed using good quality plastics which makes it sturdy and durable. The good quality of packaging also ensures that the product is protected against any damage and is kept safe and secure at all times.

    The display labels in the front make use of minimalistic designs elements which add to its attractiveness and provides a premium feel to the packaging.

    The wall hang provided on the top of the packaging is highly utilitarian and lets you store the product at a convenient wall hang where you can find it easily.

    Hence, it removes the chances of misplacing the product which is often the case. The packaging is also sustainable and eco-friendly and thus it does not pose any serious threats to the environment, which is another impressive achievement for it.


    Clear Stationery Packaging Boxes

    We have designed and manufactured the Magic Color packaging box from high-quality plastic. The box is durable and provides good protection to the packaged products.

    It keeps the product safe and damage-free during transit to the retail stores. The packaging also comes with good protective properties and protects the product from external weather elements like sunlight, moisture, UV radiation, etc.  The packaging opens from the top which can be closed after use.

    This keeps the colors safe after their use also. The plastic box is transparent from all sides. The customers can get a good view of the packaged colors through the packaging without having to open it.

    The transparent packaging not only enhances the visual appeal of the product, but it also allows the customers to make better purchase decisions.

    The company’s branding and design elements are printed on the front with excellent colors which makes the product label very impressive and appealing to the potential customers.


    Transparent Pens Packaging Boxes

    This packaging for semi-gel pens is highly attractive. We have made the packaging by using durable and high-quality plastic and contains 4 semi-gel pens.

    The packaging opens from the top and the pens can be replaced after using inside the packaging to keep it safe and more organized. The packaging is transparent from each side with the product labels being displayed on the front and back.

    The product labels are designed in monochrome which provides a premium and sophisticated feel to the product due to its minimalistic design.

    There is a well-thought out wall hanging mount provided at the top of the packaging which allows you to hang the package on a wall or in some other similar places.

    This can help you to locate the product easily. The packaging is durable which plays an important role in keeping the packaged product safe and damage free during transit to the stores and even during use by the customers.


    Gel Pens Packaging Boxes

    The packaging for Befia gel pens comes in a highly attractive and colorful plastic box.

    We have ensured that the plastic box is made from good quality materials and is designed to provide maximum protection to the packaged product from an external element and from travel to the retail stores.

    The wall hanging mount helps you to conveniently store the product on a wall hang for easy and convenient access without the risk of misplacing the package.

    The transparent packaging used by the company helps you to see the product from the outside. You can assess the quality and features of the pens without the need of opening the package to see the product. The design labels are provided at the front and back of the packaging box.

    The labels are well-designed and make use of impressive graphics and branding elements which makes the packaging stand out from the competition.


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