Best Transparent Plastic Gift Boxes | Customized Packaging Containers


Those transparent plastic gift boxes are lightweight which is one of its biggest selling points. We have a large collection of clear plastic gift boxes.


It is estimated that 50% of all the European products are packaged using plastics, but these plastics only account for 17% of the total packaging weight.

Studies have revealed that other packaging alternatives like glass, steel, aluminum, etc. are at least 4.5 times bulkier than plastic packaging.

It also requires a much greater quantity of materials to create the same amount of packaging material.

Plastic packaging thus ensures that the final gift packaging does not become bulky and too voluminous. It saves on transportation costs as more quantity of products can be transported using the same amount of fuel.

This lightweight nature of plastic packaging helps to make it sustainable also.

The lightweight plastic packaging also ensures that it has lower energy consumption and lower carbon footprints compared to other packaging alternatives, which contributes positively to the environment.


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