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Items packaged in transparent plastic boxes keep the products safe and it ends up on the retail shelves looking like new and attractive to the potential customers.

    MOQ – Minimum Order Quantity Is 2000 with Wholesale Price


    OEM & ODM – We can manufacture plastic according to your needs

    Eco-friendly – Our Plastic Materials Are Recyclable & Disposable

    Though transparent plastic packaging is lightweight, it is still highly durable. It can protect the packaged items from external weather elements like moisture, UV rays, heat, etc. Plastic packaging boxes also keep the products safe and secure from damage and other forms of wear and tear during transit to the retail stores.

    Clear plastic packaging is also chemically inert and does not react with the packaged product and protects it from any type of contamination.

    Plastic packaging also consumes lesser energy in the production process compared to other packaging materials which make it more energy efficient also.

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      HDP's clear plastic
      boxes are produced under one roof : Making the material, printing,
      die cutting,gluing
      and packing.


      We have a full set of material inspection process and
      equip-ment . We import a six-color printing press from Germany.


      PET box, PVC box, PP box, bags, tube blisters, die-cut products, and packaging sleeves, etc.


      We have an active and
      profes-sional team , Quotation within 24
      hours , CAD samples in
      3-5 days and deliveries in two weeks.