Wholesale Bulk Eco-friendlyMT Products Kraft Drink Carrier With Handles Holds Up To 4 Cups Of 20 oz. Each – Great For All Your Beverage Needs (30 Pieces) – Made in The USA Supplier

  • MT Products 4 cup drink carrier is a sturdy, multi-compartment design that will enable customers and delivery staff to safely transport multiple cups, ensuring that all beverages arrive without spills and messes.
  • The efficient cardboard carrier can hold up to four 20 oz. Cups and are great for hot and cold beverages. It is uniquely made with a strong upper handle for easier carrying, and has a push-in strap feature that allows you to secure the cups inside, whichever size they may be.
  • The box is designed to remain balanced and stable even when there is less than four cups inside. Our products are proudly MADE IN THE USA, which guarantees quality workmanship and is recyclable and compostable where facilities exist. In addition, they arrive foldable and stackable for efficient, space-saving storage.
  • MT Products 4 cup drink carrier is the new revolutionary product that will transform the way you are used to transporting your beverages!

CLEVER DESIGN: These cup holders are proudly made in the USA ensuring quality workmanship and unique design. Our boxes are sturdy and strong and don’t tear easily. It’s also moisture resistant to prevent sogginess or ripping. Plus, unique push-in straps allows you to secure any size cup to prevent it from sliding while transporting.
STRONG HANDLES: End the balancing act now! You can place up to four cups safely in this box and with our super strong handles – there is no need to balance them in your hands anymore! It’s on one-hold design that leaves no mess and no stress!
ALL-IN-ONE: Smart way for all types of businesses to store multiple cups at once in one nifty package. Can be used for coffee shops, cafes, and ice cream stores. It also makes deliveries much easier when having to transport drinks while on the go.
MULTIPURPOSE USE: These kraft colored carriers are great not just for beverages! Place different snacks, soups, or desserts in the holder for a variety of treats! There is even room to place stickers on each side of the cup holder to identify what surprise is in the cup! Now you can have movie night with popcorn, drinks, and chips, all in one super box!