The baby product packaging market is expected to grow at a steady CAGR of 5.5% during 2018-2023.

مور او پلار دي د کښت او د ماشوم ښه محصول واخلي نور هوش. د قصرونه او ماشوم محصولات پېژندنه د بسته بندۍ وده او د بيمې او ابتکاري د بسته بندۍ په مشرۍ.

The trend is toward designing minimalistic and clean packaging designs. The use of bright and vivid graphics illustrations is also popular in the packaging of baby products.

په دغه لیکنه کې به موږ په اړه خبرې

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Transparent packaging which allows the parents to see the product from outside without opening the packaging is also in trend. The packaging of baby products is making use of materials with excellent barrier and protective features to prevent the product from contamination and damage.

Market Share of Baby Product

The global baby care product market is valued at $73.86 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $109.13 billion by the year 2026.

The market is growing at a healthy rate. Johnson & Johnson had the largest market share of 21.3% in the baby product industry in 2017.

P&G’s market share in 2017 was 18.34% and is expected to remain stable at this level till 2024. Kimberley Clark had a market share of 9% in the baby product industry in 2017.

ماشوم عکس

In the US, private labels are the market leaders in the sale of baby wipes accounting a market share of 39.6%. Munchkin’s market share in the US in the baby care and safety accessories segment was 16.4% in 2016.

Johnson & Johnson is the market leader in the US in baby shampoo market with a 31.3% market share and 54% market share in baby powder segment.

Famous Brands of Baby Product

Baby products are becoming popular. With increased incomes and changing customer preferences, the market is growing steadily.

The market is also competitive with parents wanting only the best for their babies. Procter & Gamble (P&G), Johnson & Johnson, and Kimberley Clark are the leading companies in the global baby products.

Munchkin, Dorel Juvenile Group, Summer Infant, and Edgewell Personal Care are popular brands in baby care and safety accessories in the US market.

Type of Baby Products

Baby products are designed to meet the different needs of babies. Some of the most common categories into which the baby products can be classified are as follows:

د ماشوم د پاملرنې محصولاتو د روښانه پلاستيک صندوقونه

Baby Apparel

Baby apparel comes in different shapes and sizes. The type of clothing also differs based on the activity and time. there are different clothes for sleeping, indoors, bathing, and outdoor activities.

The baby clothes are made from natural and eco-friendly fibers which provide a soothing touch to the baby’s soft skin.

Skincare Products

Skincare products are one of the most popular and widely used baby products. These products are applied to the baby skin to keep it moisturized and healthy.

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Examples of skin care products include body oil, body lotion, powders, body wash, etc. Most of these products are made from mild ingredients which provide gentle nourishment to the baby’s skin.

Haircare Products

Haircare products are meant for applying on the baby’s hair. Products like shampoo, hair oil, conditioners etc. fall in this category.

The hair care products are mild and gentle on the baby’s hair and lead to healthy hair growth.


Activities and Play Products

Activities and play products are mostly for outdoor uses. They include products like baby carriers, car seats, strollers, baby swings, toys etc.

These products keep the babies safe and secure when outdoor and stimulate their physical activities and health.

Feeding Products

Feeding products are designed to feed solid and liquid food to the babies. Feeding products include feeding bottles which are used to give milk and water to the babies.

Breastfeeding pumps help the mothers to feed babies when they are not in the house. Baby plates, bowls, utensils, etc. help to feed solid food to them.

Baby Food

Baby food comes in different varieties. Generally, baby food is soft and easy to digest food other than the breastmilk and infant formula and is meant for babies above the age of 3 months.

د ماشوم محصوالت پروپیلن صندوقونو (تړلو خرڅول!)

Baby food products come in multiple flavors and come packaged in food pouches.

Materials Used for Baby Products Packaging

Baby product packaging requires a different approach to ensuring the creation of the packaging and safety of the product. Some commonly used packaging materials for baby products are provided below:


Plastic is the most common and widely used material for packaging of baby products. Plastic is a cost-effective and highly versatile material for packaging. It offers excellent compatibility for printing and designing.

Branding and graphics can be vividly presented on the plastic packaging. Plastic can be molded in various shapes and sizes and provides good protection to the baby products.


څنګه کولای شو چی د ماشوم توليداتو بسته ډيزاین

Plastics used for packaging are also chemical resistant and have excellent barrier properties which make it ideal for packaging baby products.


The glass is used in the packaging of baby products due to its chemically resistant and inert properties. Glass packaging provides transparency which allows the parents to see the product from outside without opening the package.

Branding and labeling on the glass jars are more attractive. Glass packaging is impermeable and is not affected by any external elements.

Due to the excellent barrier properties of glass, it protects the baby products from damage and contamination due to oxidation, UV light, moisture, etc.

Glass packaging also does not react with any chemicals in the packaged product and thus ensures the product retain their original characteristics.

څنګه کولای شو چی د ماشوم توليداتو بسته ډيزاین


Cardboard is a common material used for packaging of baby products. Cardboard packaging is lightweight and cost-effective.

It reduces the cost of packaging and cost of distribution as the products can be transported with lesser fuel due to being lightweight.

Cardboard boxes provide sufficient protection to the packaged products. Such type of packaging is also eco-friendly and recyclable which adds to its appeal.

څنګه کولای شو چی د ماشوم توليداتو بسته ډيزاین

How to Design Attractive Baby Products Packaging Box

Packaging for baby products is important not only for the visual appeal but for protecting the products as they are meant for use by babies.

Some of the important considerations for designing attractive and safe packaging for baby products are discussed below:

Protective Packaging

Baby products need packaging which can protect the product from external elements. The packaging should be durable and protect the product from impact and other damages during transit to the retail shelves.

The packaging should be done using chemically resistant or inert materials. These materials are chemically stable and do not react with the chemicals in the baby products and thus the packaging does not contaminate the packaged baby product.

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The packaging should also protect the baby product from elements like moisture, oxidation, UV light etc. which can damage and contaminate the packaged product.

Materials like metal, glass, selected plastic polymers have these properties and are thus widely used for packaging of baby products.

Clear Labeling

Parents are conscious of buying the best products for their babies. The packaging of the baby products should clearly mention on the label the ingredients used, the date of manufacturing, best before date etc.

دا برابروي ګټور معلومات د اړتيا د مور او پلار له خوا مخکې له دې چې د اخیستلو پریکړه. کله چې د لېبل دی روښانه او صادقانه دا د محصول د یو مثبت انځور رامنځته کوي او د مور او پلار په عمومي ډول ترجيح لکه محصولات واخلي.

دا ډول لېبل هم غټ اهميت د وخت د محصول په مستقیمه توګه چې کارول او يا د ماشوم له خوا په مصرف په غاړه اخلي. ماشوم skincare محصوالتو او ماشوم خواړه باید په واضح ډول د اجزاو او د هر ډول مضره کيمياوي موادو په توليد حاضر ذکر.

رنګارنګ او خوشحاله بسته

د ماشوم د محصولاتو د بسته بندۍ باید بل ډول ترسره شي چې د لويانو لپاره د محصولاتو د بسته بندۍ په پرتله. ماشومان د محصول او د هغې د بسته بندۍ د ډیزاین د لويانو په پرتله توپير پوهيږي.

Baby product packaging should be colorful and cheerful. The packaging should make use of bold and attractive colors which can attract the attention of both the babies and parents.

The packaging can also incorporate impressive and colorful graphic illustrations which will differentiate it from the competition and make it friendlier for babies.

د PrettyBaby څرګن د پلاستيکي بکسونو کې (د امر همدا اوس!)

The colorful packaging comes in handier for baby food products which can make the babies happier and they can happily accept and feed on the package.

Convenience and Utility

The packaging for baby products should be done to ensure the convenience of use by the parents and the babies.

The product should allow the users to easily open the packaging, access, and use it. If it is too cumbersome for the product to be unboxed and used, then there are chances of such products being ignored by the parents.

Products like baby cosmetics and baby food should be packaged to ensure easy access and minimal wastage. Spout packaging is very popular for such products as it allows ease of access and reduces any product wastage.

Baby food products also come in resealable ziplock pouches which allows the users to reseal it after opening and consume it later generally within 24-hours

ایکو دوستانه بسته

Like other industries, baby products are also moving towards green and eco-friendly packaging. These packagings are fully recyclable and thus environment-friendly.

Using eco-friendly packaging presents a positive image of the brand and it is generally preferred by the parents over other products.

Eco-friendly packaging means that the packaging waste can be reused or recycled and it does not end up in landfills and ocean beds and cause serious environmental damage.

Eco-friendly packaging materials are also chemically resistant and thus they do not react with the packaged product and do not contaminate it in any way.

Examples of Good Baby Products Packaging

Some examples of good baby products packaging are provided below:

Well’s Pharmacy Baby Products

Well’s Pharmacy baby products are packaged in clean and lovely packaging. The packaging has illustrations of cheerful animal characters with their names and personalities.

This graphic identity provides the brand a human touch and creates an emotional connect with the potential customers.

These graphics and animal characters lend to the storytelling and visual appeal of the packaging and the brand. څنګه کولای شو چی د ماشوم توليداتو بسته ډيزاین

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Co-ops Baby Care Products

Packaging for the Co-ops baby care products makes use of bold colors and playful illustrations. The packaging is cheerful and connects with both the babies and parents.

Playful animal characters are used on the packaging instead of photographs of babies. The rhyming product description adds to the storytelling and novelty of the packaging.

څنګه کولای شو چی د ماشوم توليداتو بسته ډيزاین

Peppi Baby Products

Peppi manufactures its range of bath and skincare products for babies. Baby products are made using mild and natural ingredients.

The packaging of the product is clean and simplistic. The pastel colors used on white plastic containers look crisp.

The use of aluminum caps on the plastic containers look premium and also provide good protection from external elements.

څنګه کولای شو چی د ماشوم توليداتو بسته ډيزاین


Parasol کنسترکو او هجرې په خوښۍ بسته بسته ته راځي. په عوض د ماشوم انځورونه د کارولو په شان منظم محصول د بسته بندۍ، Parasol رنګارنګ splashes او انځور چې د سيالۍ څخه توپیر دا کارول.

دغه انځور په نرم فام چې پر مشتريانو د بیده او calming اغېز لري دي.

څنګه کولای شو چی د ماشوم توليداتو بسته ډيزاین

د لوازمو او خپلوانو

د لوازمو او خپلوانوماشوم د ډایپر د طبیعي توکو څخه ګټه واخلئ او د لږ کيمياوي توکي چې د مور او پلار او ماشومان روغ انتخاب برابر برخه لري.

د بسته رامنځته يو قوي بصري هویت سره نرم رنګونه دي چې د ماشومانو کامل. د غرونو او د ګلونو په انځور لا د بسته بندۍ د لوړتيا او د ایکو دوستانه بسته بندۍ او د نښې د انځور وړاندې کړي.

څنګه کولای شو چی د ماشوم توليداتو بسته ډيزاین


Agnostic is a Greek brand of baby bath products. The packaging adopts a minimalistic approach with simple design patterns on a white background.

The products also have textures on the containers which reinforces their purpose. The design of the containers is curved which makes it ergonomic.

The brand name Agnostic means the essence of purity which is reflected by the pristine white packaging. The wooden lid on each product adds to the visual aesthetics.

څنګه کولای شو چی د ماشوم توليداتو بسته ډيزاین


Montmartre tooth gel collection comes in attractive packaging. The packaging resembles the packaging for candies with images of lollipops on it.

Each lollipop is in the shape of a healthy fruit. The packaging is white and in the hue of specific flavors.

The use of eye-catching colors and illustrations will appeal to the children and get them excited towards adopting healthy dental hygiene practices.

څنګه کولای شو چی د ماشوم توليداتو بسته ډيزاین


Surprisingly baby subscription boxes consist of eco-friendly clothes for different times and activities- playtime, outing, sleeping, etc.

The baby clothes are made from natural fabrics. The packaging is clean and comes in a cardboard box with a separate compartment for each pair of clothes. The packaging is simplistic and uses the company logo and relevant details.

څنګه کولای شو چی د ماشوم توليداتو بسته ډيزاین

Finnish Baby Box

The Finnish Baby Box is a starter kit for parents. It contains all the baby essentials like bath and hygiene products, indoor clothes, outdoor clothes, sleeping products, bed box, etc.

The packaging is done in a big cardboard box which is eco-friendly. The packaging has cheerful graphic illustrations which make it special.

څنګه کولای شو چی د ماشوم توليداتو بسته ډيزاین

Klee Kids

Klee Kids produces natural and organic bath and body care products for babies. The packaging is done using bright and bold colors on a white background which makes it stand out from other similar products.

The packaging has fun and fictitious ocean characters which become part of the baby’s imaginary world and makes the bath time a memorable experience.

څنګه کولای شو چی د ماشوم توليداتو بسته ډيزاینڅنګه کولای شو چی د ماشوم توليداتو بسته ډيزاین

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