The year 2022 is officially the year of beauty/makeup & false eyelashes are big desiderata to make any makeup look more striking.

The first glimpse one has of a person is their countenance; one can’t simply ignore one’s eyes because they are a focal point of the face & pivotal to one’s beauty.

Everybody wants their eyes to look perfect & ravishing when others look at them. And there isn’t a better option than false lashes.

Not only do they beautify the eyes but also enhance the eyes’ minor details. That’s why False Lashes have become highly sought-after.


Global Analysis of False Eyelashes Market Share 2019

The Global False Lashes industry has shared the latest research report that illustrates & analyzes the market shares, trends, business overview, segmentation (application/types), revenue forecasts & regions for the forecast period (2019-2024).

It depicts a comprehensive analysis of the rise of False Lashes Industry that came about every year with advancements in technology & industrial environment, i.e. the annual growth rate. The report has also consolidated Industries’ clients’ information.

It contained manufacturers’ data in terms of their gross profit, revenue, shipment & price.

Some manufacturers covered in the report 

  • Huda Beauty
  • Sephora Collection
  • MAC
  • Lilly lashes
  • Revlon
  • NYX Cosmetics
  • KissComo projetar caixas de embalagem para cílios

Regions considered

  • South America
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Africa

Segments by application included; Drugstore, Supermarket, Internet Sales & those by types comprised Handmade Lashes & Mechanical Lashes.Como projetar caixas de embalagem para cílios

Trends of False Lashes (False Eyelashes) 2019

At present, the market growth of the Lashes is facing an obstacle of the limitation of classic marketing.

Due to the augmentation of Lashes manufacturing companies stepping into the field to meet the demands of clients for healthier & better products; competition in the market escalated.

The growing competition is another challenge in the business of Lashes’ production. Although the problems have affected the market growth, the Lashes Industry has still maintained to keep its annual growth to a reasonable level.

And the investors are of the view that more investments will be occurring in the future & are pretty much optimistic. Also, the analysts believe the market size to be inflated further by the year 2023.

It is predicted that the consumption volume & the consumption value will continue to increase slowly in the span of next five years.

Among the various types of eyelashes;

  • Regular lashes(most preferred) are envisaged to stretch the increment to $100 between the years 2017-2022.
  • Synthetic hair is thought to transcend $700 by the end of 2022.
  • Machine-made lashes are expected to generate a revenue of $800.

E-commerce is anticipated to become the second-largest channel for lashes by the end of 2022. Companies namely Revlon, Elf & Kiss will be seen active during the expansion of the global market of False Lashes.

Como projetar caixas de embalagem para cílios

Types of False Lashes & their users

Eyelashes are picked after considering multifarious factors. These factors determine the type of lash for a particular user.

Following are the factors

  • Shape of eyes
  • Size of eyes
  • Size of lashes
  • Age
  • Job

Different types of Lashes & their Users

  • Individual Lashes 5mm-7mm long, females of all ages including young girls (if not susceptible to any eye infection/disease) can wear them to give a natural-looking way. However, aged women are advised to refrain from preventing any eye damage as they are weak & more prone to the damage. Best suited for almond eyes. Workaholic women can use them too.
  • Clusters 2-6 lashes attached to a single eyelash, usually ladies who work in salons & beauty parlors use. Generally not suitable for working ladies as it gives a voluminous look & doesn’t look appropriate for working manners. Best suited for small eyes.
  • Magnético 31mm wide & 9mm long, lightweight, & come at a low price. Can be used with bridal & party makeup since the makeup is heavy so magnetic lashes would complement the overall facial look. Give good results on small eyes too.
  • Extensions used to increase the length of natural lashes, young girls & workaholic women tend to get eyelash extension so as to look youthful & fresh. Eyelash extension is the latest trend, followed by women of all ages to get their desired looks. But they easily fall out so more suitable for normal use. Extensions can be used on any shape of eyes.

Materials used for plastic packaging

Como projetar caixas de embalagem para cílios

Plastic is the most instrumental material used for packaging purposes. The main reason for using it over other materials is because it saves energy & is lighter than others.

  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Most commonly used for making bottles. Also, used for packaging household & industrial chemicals because it has good chemical resistance.

  • Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

It is used in making wires & cable components due to its flexibility & toughness.

  • Polypropene (PP)

It has a high melting point & good chemical resistance; that makes it suitable for hot liquids. Used to make medicine bottles & bottle caps.

  • Polyvinylchloride (PVC)

It has good clarity, weather ability. Used in building & construction.

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET, PETE)

Has good resistance to moisture & gas. Used to make food jars like jam & pickle bottles.

Design Tips

False lashes are packed inside plastic boxes & covered with plastic sheets. The following tips can be useful in packing eyelash boxes:

  • Forma Choose a box of the shape you want to put your lashes in. Boxes are available in numerous shapes. Select one.
  • Tamanho Pick the right size of the box by measuring the size of lashes to make sure that the box you have selected is large enough for the lashes.
  • Colour Differently shaped/sized boxes have different colors too.
  • Use tweezers/gloves Don’t touch the lashes with bare hands as your hands are not sterile, so lashes are susceptible to germs/bacteria when you touch them. Be as careful as possible as lashes are used in the eyes. Use tweezers, or you can wear surgical gloves for safety purposes.
  • Plastic sheet/lid Lastly, stick a transparent plastic sheet to the box. Make sure the product inside is clearly visible when you hold a box.
  • Decorar You can ornament the box using your creativity to make the box look more appealing.

Examples of False Lash Packaging

Eyelash boxes come in various designs, styles, shapes, colors & textures too depending upon companies & prices.


  • Compact Powder Lashes are enclosed in a compact-powder-shaped design. Similar to what a compact powder looks like.
  • Diamante Diamond-shaped plastic box is another design used for packaging.
  • Rectangle Casing that is used to keep pens & bracelets is another design that boxes have.
  • Ring box Eyelashes come in ring boxes too.
  • Transparent plastic sheets This is a simple & most common design for packaging lashes.
  • Circular A circular-shaped container similar to the box of contact lenses.
  • Portable mirror cases Some cases come with a mirror attached to one side of the case.
  • Compartments Some boxes come with compartments made in them.
  • Digital print Some cases come with digital prints.



  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • Triangle
  • Diamante
  • Elongated



  • Pequeno
  • mini
  • Grande



  • Plástico
  • Velvet
  • Glitter
  • Transparente
  • Couro



  • Rosa
  • Branco
  • Black
  • Vermelho
  • Violet
  • Multi-colored
  • Prata
  • Shimmer


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