Сколько наград за дизайн упаковки (что действительно важно?)

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The packaging is a vital component of any product.

It gives the clients the first impression.

Now it has been noted that by merely altering the packaging of a product, a substantial change in the sales can be seen.

Now you must be wondering how is possible as the current packaging seems to attract the clients to your product.

Companies are aware that the majority of customers want something user-friendly and environmentally friendly as well.

It is for this reason companies seek out to hire designers around the world who can design the packaging best suited for their need as well as of the customer.

Packaging design awards are one way for businesses to choose which packaging designers to employ.

Award-winning designers have always been an advantage for the companies as they offer the latest designs or updates on the old ones that have always resulted in a profit for the companies.

There are now numerous design awards that assess many designers ‘ talent.

Their goal is to encourage and recognize their talent to the outside world.

Now the design is not just evaluated on the appearance, but factors such as the current trends, how environmentally friendly a model is and what message is it attempting to offer? There are different awards for packaging design to which the developers submit their designs to see where they stand.

Their designs are shown and accessed by the judges.

There are also many companies present that try to find the designer to turn their sales around.

Following are some of the Packaging designers who are quite famous:

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A’ Design Award

Now this award is regarded as one of the most prestigious awards.

Now this award was first introduced in 2010, as a result of a rift between the designers.

Due to the growing rivalry and with designers emerging from every corner to demonstrate its worth.

Сколько наград за дизайн упаковки (что действительно важно?)

This confused the companies as which one amongst them was best.

The A ‘ Packaging Design Competition is a freestyle design contest open to both the concept level and the realization of works created globally by skilled and young designers, packaging design firms and other businesses in the packaging industry.

This award has many categories through which judgment of prize is made.

The A ‘ Design Award is not just another prize; it is an indication of a design’s character and also of the precision with which it is treated.

This specific prize is acknowledged throughout the world and draws the attention of the company, professionals and interested groups that are design-oriented.

Winning this prize is regarded as a significant milestone in the life of the designer.

This prize advantages their profession by drawing the eyes of a worldwide company towards the winner.

The winners of this prize will also be able to find a better profile and take a step forward in their professional lives.

Now the criteria on which the packaging design is judged are as follows; the shape of the design, how functional is the design, the emotional component of the design and whether the design is environmentally friendly.

Designs that are taken into consideration are inspected on the grounds of their degree of development, the aesthetic component of the design, the material used, the features and usefulness of the design and also the most significant thing, which is how consumer-friendly the design is.

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Pentawards is another notable prize for packaging design, which is recognized worldwide.

These awards are dedicated solely to packaging designs.

Since 2007, they have been accountable for acknowledging worldwide packaging excellence.

They hold annual completion.

Сколько наград за дизайн упаковки (что действительно важно?)

Now there are no restrictions to this completion as to who can enter it.

Globally, they’re accessible to everyone.

They strive to encourage designers to produce more creative designs and take complete advantage of their potential.

The criteria on which this award is given out depends on how authentic your design is.

They are looking for designs that are fresh and which aspire to change the face of packaging designs.

There are six categories in this award, which are beverages, food, body, other markets, luxury, and student.




These awards are intended to acknowledge designers who produce the finest designs for consumer use.

The sole purpose of these awards is to raise awareness of the enormous importance of well-designed packaging.

Marketers, retailers, organizations, in-house artists, learners and professionals around the globe are turning to the Dieline Awards as the criterion for exquisitely engineered commercial product packaging.

Сколько наград за дизайн упаковки (что действительно важно?)

Now in its ninth year, Dieline awards consist of a highly regarded jury of specialists in architectural packaging, layout, labeling, and commercial product reviews each submission on five main components: innovation, marketability, creativity, implementation, and branding on-pack.



These awards acknowledge excellence in all design business fields.

These prizes are accessible to all graphic designs, advertising and architectural designs associated with the packaging of products.

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These awards.

Core-77 award annually honors the wealth of the profession of architecture as well as its professionals ‘ knowledge and persistence.

The awards program now continues committed to innovation and inclusiveness in its eighth year, providing both learners and practitioners with the chance to encourage their best work on a worldwide scale across 14 different fields of design.

Сколько наград за дизайн упаковки (что действительно важно?)

Core-77 believes that the design rarely comes to one unique attempt.

Innovative development solutions are almost always the outcome of a cooperative, team-focused approach to execution strategy.

This is the basis on which this award makes its judgment.


Spark awards have the honor of being a society of developers and creative people, linked to the idea of making a difference in people’s lives through.

Сколько наград за дизайн упаковки (что действительно важно?)

Their mission is to improve the lives of people through bringing new innovative designs to the people for their betterment.

They have recently opened a new category for packaging designs.

The judgment is made through analyzing the designs which are authentic, promote a healthy environment and are a source of positivity into the lives of people.

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There are many packaging designs awards out there, and each has different judgment criteria.

They have one thing in common, and that is the innovation and consumer friendliness of packaging design.

These awards benefit both the winners and the runner ups.

For winners, they offer endless opportunities and for runner ups, it a lesson for them that in which key areas they require improvement.


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привлекательный и привлекательный дизайн дизайн коробки картонная коробка картонная упаковка прозрачная пластиковая коробка прозрачные мешочки очистить коробку ПП прозрачная коробка из ПВХ косметическая упаковка продукта гибкая упаковка упаковка для еды мешочки для еды маркетинг упаковочная коробка дизайн упаковки программное обеспечение для дизайна упаковки упаковочная промышленность упаковочный материал тенденция упаковки картонная коробка бумажная упаковка ПЭТ пластиковая коробка пластиковые пакеты Пластиковая упаковка пластиковая упаковка Полиэтилентерефталат Поливинил хлорид сумка мешочки PP полипропиленовая упаковка ПП упаковочная коробка упаковка продукта дизайн упаковки продукта ПВХ Коробка ПВХ ПВХ упаковочная коробка розничная упаковка мягкая упаковка встать мешочки Устойчивая упаковка прозрачная упаковка прозрачная коробка из ПВХ Распаковка Опыт



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