Efter att hantera framgångsrikt i förpackningsmaterial och ge flitiga tjänster till våra kunder i samband med förpackningen har ALPPM gått vidare mot en mer övertygande ett mångsidigt kategori som är plastråvara för rörledningslösningar.

Vi kan erbjuda våra potentiella kunder med bulk, detaljhandel och partihandel PVC, PET, PP råvaror med god export kvalitet och skräddarsydda varor löfte.

Stationerade i Kina

Currently stationed in China and manufacturing the excellent grade piping raw materials for our customers, we believe to provide with almost any size of the order with excellent quality. We deal in raw material as well as custom-made products for piping such as;

  • pvc (Polyvinyl chloride) that comes in both plasticized and un-plasticized forms depending upon the preference of the ordering customer
  • PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) pipes which exceed their reputation due to extreme quality
  • PP (polypropylene) which are used as raw materials and used for fittings or other purposes
  • Other raw materials used in the fitting and piping industry

Bringing on the table

Med nästan en halv miljon entreprenörer och tillverkare stationerade på Alibaba och andra handelswebbplatser, det som gör oss mer rätt att bli din ultimata valet?

Varför ska du lita på våra meriter och ge en bulk beställning för första gången? Här är några kvalitetsattribut i samband med de tjänster och produkter vi har att erbjuda våra kunder. Dessa är fördelarna som vi föra över bordet;

  1. Pris
  2. Kvalitet
  3. Food Grade material
  4. produktionskapacitet


Med en stadig mängd kaos dominerar marknaden, leverantörer och människor som måste beställa rörmaterial i bulk är mer attraherad av organisationen genom att ge utmärkt kvalitet material till överkomliga priser.

We are no different; we will provide you with all the necessary equipment for your business with exceptional quality at a very competitive price. We are also not stubborn or inflexible at all, just a warm meeting and a pleasant smile on your face can move us to cut down the price a little bit.

Plus, our own company will duly pay all the shipping cost and extra duties, So, you won’t have to worry about extensive responsibility on your shoulders.PVC PET PP råvara


Keeping up appearance and making up facades with our customers is not the prime pillar upon which we stand. We will demonstrate you with all the required fields of the products you are buying, so, you can reach a buying decision.

With zero tolerance policy on quality, we tend to provide each and every product duly tested and acclaimed with the standards of our company along with some other international standards infested for the piping industry.

Rest assured you will be buying the most diligent and professional equipment for your business.

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Food Grade Materials

Surely the piping equipment is destined to be used in a variety of industries including;

  • Textile
  • Automobile
  • Food Industry
  • Agriculture

That is why we have kept the inner surface of our piping materials really smooth and free from any indigenous materials. Which otherwise would get mixed down with the food or other essential elements which many industries have to use and could cause problems.

We have incorporated inner lining of our piping instruments and raw materials with the HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) which makes up for an excellent protective surface and does not allow the mixing of food or other materials often used in industry.

This best plastic layering inside the pipes allows the customers to use them without any fear and extend their business with a multitude of industries.


Stationed in China, we had to go through a hefty and lengthy procedure of getting the necessary permissions and all the legal work for buying/manufacturing the piping material here in China.

Now, we are being set and producing at a faster pace with every passing day. We are in a state to provide our customers with all magnitude of the order as they see fit for their business.PVC PET PP råvara

The production capability is enormous with a volume that we can complete up to 5 bulky/large orders and other small production orders alongside.

You shall not ever experience any kind of delay or problem regarding the delivery of the order in the promised timeline.

Our Products

As mentioned earlier that we deal in all kinds of PVC, PP, PET and other related raw materials for piping and have the capability to produce orders of any magnitude.

That being said, let us move towards a more spectacular and central part of our products which is the composition and materials which we use to produce these various products for you.


Polyvinyl chloride pipes, we use different composition and type of materials for manufacturing a diverse variety of the pipes for our potential customers. We deal in;

Plain PVC

These are made up by using simple chemical composition of the Polyvinyl Chloride and are very cheap, light in weight and resistant to corrosion. They have an interesting parameter attached to them which is their molding capacity which many of your individual clients like plumbers and builders would definitely like.

They have thermostatic nature, which means they can be used in almost all kinds of environments.


CPVC means chlorinated PVC, they have higher levels of chlorine embedded in all of their structure and can be used among a variety of industries like food, agriculture, and textile. Also, these can easily withstand a broad spectrum of temperatures.PVC PET PP råvara


UPVC stands for the un-plasticized PVC and is more rigid lacking in their flexible touch. These pipes or raw materials are used for water waste transport.


PVC and the dashes which are followed by a character indicates the firmness or thickness of the concerned PVC pipe. PVC-U have thicker walls, and that is why it is designed to withstand high internal pressures.

PVC-M and PVC-O are the most recent technological advancements in PVC, but they are not as thick as PVC-U, but still can hold high levels of internal pressure.

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Polyethylene terephthalate plastic essentials, we use the different alignment of the chemical elements to manufacture different kinds of PET plastics which assign with the diverse needs of the clients.


PET when intended to be used for the textile it is called polyester, it finds its uses in diversified textile and industrial applications. It can be used for the preparation of fabrics, coated fabrics and also in the plastic reinforcements with high energy absorption parameter.

Simple PET or PET-resins

When PET is used in food or beverage industries for containing different products, then it is called as PET or PET-resins. It is used in the manufacturing of various materials and equipment like plastic bottles, liquid containers and is more popular among the different packaging industries.


PET-P is rather a new installation inside the PET family and is used for the production of fibers or related elements in the textile and cotton industry.

Sometimes PET-P is divided into fine fiber like threads and is used with many appliances to provide them with extra strength and durability parachute, and related fabrics also contain fractions of the PET-P polyethylene terephthalate.PVC PET PP råvara


Polypropylene raw materials for plastic, we use the different configuration of the polypropylene plastics to manufacture different aspects for our valued customers, depending upon their preference.

Propylene Homopolymer

It is the most widely used polypropylene component which is also used for the various plastic solutions worldwide. It finds its application in packaging, textile, healthcare, pipes, automotive and electrical appliances.

It consists of propylene monomer in a semi-crystalline solid form.

Propylene Copolymer

Denna familj är ytterligare uppdelad i två distinkta klasser som är tillverkade genom polymerisation av propån och etan.

Propen Slump Polymer

Detta PP material tillverkas av polymerisation av eten och propen med varandra. Dessa typer av polymerer är flexibla och optiskt transparent.

Dessa är lämpliga för de tillämpningar som kräver transparens och för produkter som kräver ett utmärkt utseende.


I denna typ av plastmaterial, är etan innehåll högre förväntas vara 5% högre än propån innehållet. Denna konfiguration gör föreningen segare termoplast och mindre spröda än den slumpvisa sampolymeren.

Dessa typer av föreningar är lämpliga att användas i industrier som kräver hög hållfasthet.

Polypropylen, slagfast sampolymer

These have 45-65% ethylene content that is why they are known as impact copolymers, and they find their use in diverse industries.PVC PET PP råvara

Impact copolymers are often used in packaging, houseware, film, and plastic pipe applications. And also, they can be used in automotive and electrical segments.

These are various products which are produced/manufactured by the ALPPM in China and are then supplied to a diverse clientele overseas.

We tend to produce every product with consistency and at good quality parameters which are relished and enjoyed by our customers worldwide.

How we can help

As described earlier that after achieving a milestone in the paper packaging supplier all over the world stationed in China, ALPPM has started a new category of the products for our potential customers.

Med ett löfte om att hålla kvaliteten på varje sats intakt, vi går framåt varje dag, försöker ge kunden vårt bästa.

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Vi kan erbjuda utmärkt service till klienten i följande avseenden;

Som leverantör

ALPPM har ett kännetecken som vi har att erbjuda bra produkter och leveranser till våra kunder. Vi handlar med alla typer av order som sträcker sig från små till de skrymmande sådana.

Vi har lidit den nödvändiga infrastrukturen för att tillverka eller underlätta de stora order. Medan tillverkning och pacing upp vår snabbhet, vi misslyckas aldrig att hålla jämna steg med den kvalitet som våra kunder efterfrågan.

Om time-leveranser

En annan stor kvalitet på ALPPM tillverkning som vi aldrig bakom på vår tidslinje.

We tend to send various reports succession by succession in which the client is addressed over the progress of the order which he/she placed.

Rest assured, you will never have to worry about the late delivery of your order, we know how it feels when you are backed out by the manufacturers on orders when you need it the most.PVC PET PP råvara

24/7 customer care

We never leave our generous customers hanging in between and try to remain connected with the clients 24/7.

Any problem arises in the delivery, or the products are not up to your standards just give us a call and we will be right onto the problem and will rectify it for you in minimum timeframe possible.

Business to Business interaction

Leaving the worries of providing the products to the individual customers, we tend to provide our services to the bulk buyers and related organizations.

Thus, connecting a multitude of organizations and forming a multi-national network, it gives us the privilege to work with different people and provide our services and quality of the products more effectively.


We have stretched the limits between the supplier and the buyers and has made it easier and more comfortable than ever to buy/trade products in bulk and receive that sensation of being satisfied with the services of the company.PVC PET PP råvara

Because of keeping the customers beforehand and no loopholes in the quality of our products. We have the most;

  • Eccentric staff and professionals are working around different channels to bring the best possible quality of our products and services.
  • Priset faktor är extremt kompatibla ger en subtil område för köparna att ha en annan klassificering av produkterna enligt det pris som de har råd med.
  • Den livsmedelskvalitet parameter som vi har tilldelat alla våra produkter göra dem kompatibla för att användas i olika livsmedels- och dryckesindustrin tillsammans med andra liknande typer av industrier samt
  • Den produktionskapacitet är också mycket förlängd och tillåter oss att uppfylla dagsbehovet av kunderna i samband med de större beställningar och leveranstider

Vi på ALPPM hålla kvalitet och infrastruktur intakt för att möta upp med de krav och arbetsbelastning kunder kasta över oss.

Om du vill beställa kartong eller rörmaterial hålla oss i åtanke och vi kommer säkert att ge det bästa av våra tjänster och göra dig bekväm i alla möjliga sätt.

Dessutom är vi de största produktens förpackning och rörledningar tillverkare i hela Asien sprider vår räckvidd genom att tillhandahålla ett åtagande att kvaliteten på de produkter som vi erbjuder.


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Chat with us
Tell us about your packaging boxes' size, material & quantity, and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
Tell us about your packaging boxes' size, material & quantity, and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
Tell us about your packaging boxes' size, material & quantity, and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
Tell us about your packaging boxes' size, material & quantity, and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
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